Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day

Mothers Day and Fathers Day seem to be those well know calendar events, but a day that is rapidly gaining momentum is Grandparents Day. This year, Grandparents day falls on 2 October.

My parents do a lot for the children and us, and Mr D and Miss (and Mr H) adore them. Here are some top tips to show grandparents how appreciated they are this Grandparents Day.

Invite Grandparents round for lunch and encourage children to join in – you could make a cake or get them involved in the main part of a meal. My simple nutty cornflake cakes or even this super simple cheese and onion pie are really easy to get children involved and they’ll be excited to be helping to make something special for their grandparent.s

How about taking a walk together?  Children love getting out in the fresh air and it’s a great way to burn off energy as well as spend some time together away from jobs and technology in the great outdoors. We always enjoy taking a nature hunt sheet with us and the autumn is perfect for this.

grandparents day

Making cards or gifts are always a winner here so break open the craft cupboard and let the children loose! I like to give the children a box of stickers as Miss E loves using these for decorating cards. Mr D is *really* into drawing pictures at the moment so I am sure I can persuade him to draw a picture of his grandparents

Why not go conkering? You don’t (usually!) have to go too far to find a good conker tree. You could have a competition with Grandma and Granddaughter vs Grandad and Grandson to see who can find the most conkers or the biggest conker? A bit of healthy competition as well as learning about nature and getting fresh air.

grandparents day

You could always treat grandparents to a gift. Something like this menswear from Chums might work if you were looking for something like a new jumper or perhaps a new scarf for those lovely autumnal walks.

I hope the above provides some inspiration for ways to mark Grandparents day this year – how do you plan to mark the special day?



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