Illuminature – Carnovsky & Rachel Williams

Illuminature – Carnovsky & Rachel Williams

The children’s book market really is bristling with some stunning titles at the moment, there are so many books that I am continually adding to the wish list (seriously my Amazon wishlist is almost exclusively books).

I was recently sent on of the new titles from Wide Eyed Editions – the most exciting book publisher around (I genuinely have a section of the bookcase reserved for Wide Eyed books). Illuminature by Carnovsky and written by Rachel Williams is an absolute masterpiece. The book is a work of art with a twist. Each image allows the reader to see three different things, with the aid of a special viewing lens.

Illuminature by Carnovsky is a gem - perfect for exploring the flora fauna and habitats of a range of areas across the world

There are ten natural environments to explore, from areas such as Loch Lomand to the Congo Rainforest. Each two page spread hides animals, plants and everything you can imagine that exist within each habitat. Using each of the three lenses the pages transform. The red lens allows you to see the animals of the daytime, the blue lens the nocturnal animals and the green the plant life of each habitat. Each habitat has a ‘destination page’ full of key facts and information. There is an ‘observation deck’ where the lenses come into full effect and then a species guide which provides the reader with information on the species they can spot.

Illuminature by Carnovsky

This is a real gem of a book and one that elicits wows at every page turn. Mr D and my mum sat and looked at this book together and there was wow after wow after wow as they moved through the pages. The natural world is illuminated before your eyes and you can’t help but reach out to touch the animals you see.

Illuminature is published on 6 October and will be priced at £20. It is a unique book and is a wonderful addition to any home library. To see more of the Wide Eyed Edition titles for this autumn take a look here.


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  1. 26th September 2016 / 06:21

    This looks really original and a good book for a Christmas present!


  2. 29th September 2016 / 06:45

    This looks wonderful and a really unique idea for a book. Thanks for sharing #readwithme

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