Nutty Cornflake Cakes

Nutty Cornflake Cakes

A few weeks before Mr H arrived, the children and I made some nutty cornflake cakes. It’s a simple make but one that is great for fostering a bit of independence for young children as they can get on and do much of it without me helping.

To make our nutty cornflake cakes we used:

  • 2 large bars of milk chocolate
  • cornflakes
  • 2 tablespoons of peanut butter

First, the children broke up the bars of chocolate – they did this themselves which I was really pleased with as it’s not the easiest thing when you are only two and three years old. They broke the bars into a large mixing bowl.

nutty cornflake cakes

We then added in the two scoops of peanut butter. The more you add the nuttier the taste but we find that two large scoops is enough for us.

nutty cornflake cake

We the put the bowl over a pan of hot water – I did this and explained to them how the heat from the water warmed the bottom of the bowl and in turn melted the chocolate.

The children then added handfuls of cornflakes to the mix – stirring and adding more as they went along, until we had as many as we thought we could cover in the chocolate and peanut butter mix.

Finally, it was time to pop the mix into paper cases – this is the only bit they needed any real help with – otherwise we would have had chocolate cornflakes everywhere!

nutty cornflake cake 3

Finally – the best bit was to lick the spoons – which they definitely didn’t need my help with!

Cornflake cakes are such a quick and easy make and adding the peanut butter makes a nice twist to it too. It’s a great make for children as it allows them to make pretty much the whole thing on their own – which of course helps develop a whole range of skills as well as their confidence.

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  1. Pat
    22nd July 2016 / 01:39

    Lovely, how come we didn’t get one x x

    • 23rd July 2016 / 19:03

      you did – it’s the ones they brought when we had hair done the time before last x

  2. Pauline
    22nd July 2016 / 15:37

    Are these the ones the children gave us 1 each of?


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