Pirate Activities for Pre-Schoolers

Pirate Activities for Pre-Schoolers

The 17th September was International ‘talk like a pirate day’. I had intended to do a couple of posts on our activities and favourite books to support the day. However we took a couple of books out from the local library and the children didn’t really seem to enjoy them so it seemed a bit false to share something they hadn’t really engaged with.

So, I thought I’d share the things we did do that they enjoyed. We have some some activities across the week, mostly from twinkl (my go to resources base).

ideas for activities for pirate themes or talk like a pirate day

The children decorated two large boxes with stickers and crayons to make pirate ships. There isn’t anything particularly piratey about their ships other than they have called them Pirate ships. They have had so much fun with these and they have lasted over a week so far playing with these and I think the game will last until the boxes give way! It has been great listening to their imaginations as they play with these ships. We also made some very quick flags with their initials on the wave. This could easily be extended to get them to design their own pirate flag but we just created a triangle using a straw for the flag pole. My pictures of them in their pirate ships aren’t great as they’re always jumping around, but the pictures below give you an idea of how simple the activity really was (and how little they look like pirate ships which is testament to the children’s imagination!)

pirate activities

We made these fab pirate split pins figures – these are always popular activities with Mr D and Miss E. I like to have a couple of split pin activities to hand and ready to go for rainy days and the such.  I’ve shown my pirate below as Mr D has snuck his off somewhere and I can’t find it to  photograph!

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we are making pirates

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We also has fun with these pirate dress up characters. I printed two characters each for Mr D and Miss E as well as a couple of pages of clothing etc for them to cut out and decorate the pirates with. This is great for a bit of independent play and I was able t leave the children to do this as I got dinner ready. You could also laminate the characters and clothes and add velcro dots to reuse them in the future if you wanted to have this as an activity you could return to in the future. The children really enjoyed doing this – it was great for scissor skills and thinking about the order they get dressed in (ie you don’t put your belt on first!). I was surprised how long they spent on this as I wasn’t sat with them whilst they worked on their pirates. You could extend this further by getting scraps of fabric to decorate your pirates clothes with, and talk about the different textures and materials.

pirate activities for pre schoolers

Finally, we played this pirate board game.  I laminated the games board, the chance cards and the treasure chests and printed the treasure coins onto card. The children enjoyed playing this and any board game is always good for learning things like turn taking as well as of course counting. I’m sure we will be playing this again before the week is out!

pirate activities for pre schoolers

pirate sticker bookWe have also been taking a look at this Pirate Ship Sticker Fun book from Top That Publishing. There are a lot of stickers in this book and it’s kept Mr D and Miss E occupied for ages. They’ve enjoyed looking at the different scenes and we have talked about the ships too and the characters that they can see. There is a lot to do in this sticker book, including some directed activities eg: look for the items for the Captain’s cabin as well as plenty of opportunity (and stickers!) for the children to decorate the scenes freely. They’ve come back to this a good few times and Miss E in particular has enjoyed this sticker book.

I have a sensory bin I plan to make next week when Damian is back at work, so I will share that in due course, it will look be a letters and sounds sensory bin. I’ve not worked out the detail yet but keep an eye on my Instagram for more on that one and a post later next week.






  1. 28th September 2016 / 11:30

    A great collection of pirate-themed activities!! How about buried treasure finding using an assortment of items buried beneath play sand in a sensory bin, sand pit of tuff-spot?

    • 28th September 2016 / 19:05

      thank you – I’ve done a sensory thing this week which I posted yesterday 🙂

  2. 3rd October 2016 / 19:38

    Mine love pirates. Have you read The Pirates Next Door. I had to read it every night for a year to Georgia I know it off by heart!! I love their pirate ships, my favourite of the activities!! Thanks for linking to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

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