Getting creative with Bunchems

Getting creative with Bunchems

In my four and a bit years of motherhood I have learnt a couple of things when it comes to toys. One is that open ended toys are much better in terms of developing children (and much less annoying than electronic toys!) and that something that children can do themselves will keep them engaged, and quiet!

We were recently sent two packs of Bunchems; the Bunchems Mega Pack and the Glow in the Dark under the Sea set.

We set these up on our tuff spot. I had a quick look at the guides inside which explains how to make some items and noted the warning about them and that they can become entangled in hair. I tied Miss E’s hair back (and my own) and explained to the children that they weren’t to put them near their hair. We then set about having a go at making some of the things. First up we made a fish, then the snail and a shark.

bunchems review

The bunchems are really clever as they simply stick together. There are accessories to fit in to bring the creations to life; things like eyes, fins, mouths etc. The bunchems themselves are marble sized and are a very tactile little item; you can’t help but squish them and stick them together. They are brightly coloured and the mega pack contains around 400 bunchems; so plenty to get busy with and it was more than enough for my two to share and work together to make something big, or work independently to make their own creations.

bunchems review

They are really easy to manipulate and Mr D and Miss E (age 4 and 3) had great fun playing with them and creating monsters and the such. They have asked to play with them a lot since they arrived.

As Mr H is starting to look like he might soon become mobile I am always keen to get the older two to set up anything with small pieces on the tuff spot; that way it’s all contained and it reminds them that their younger brother can’t have them. As Miss E is still quite young she has only played with these when I’m around as I don’t want them getting tangled up in her hair (although I am very reliably informed that they soon slide out with some conditioner).

bunchems review

Bunchems are a great open ended toy and have kept my children quiet – it’s a toy they’ve come back to a lot and it’s a great toy for helping develop their fine motor skills and imaginative play. They’re a lot of fun and something that you can work on together with the guides or leave them to use their own imaginations and see what they can create.


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  1. PAT
    17th March 2017 / 08:08

    They look fabulous x

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