Latest Reads from Frances Lincoln

Latest Reads from Frances Lincoln

I’m a big fan of the books that the team at Frances Lincoln – they produce some wonderful books that have a subtle educational content to them. They are wonderfully produced and really a delight to read. Mr D has always been engrossed with books. He has always enjoyed having a story read to him, and it never fails to amaze me the books that he will sit and listen to.

We have been taking a look at some of the latest books from the Frances Lincoln team, and I’ll share our favourites below.

First up are these two delightful books, The Drop in my Drink and The Pebble in my Pocket.

the drop in my drinkpebble in my pocket







The author of both books, Meredith Hooper has told the story of water (and the water cycle and how water is important for living things) beautifully. Pebble in my Pocket looks back in history at the development of the Earth, how rocks have formed and how erosion continues to create new pebbles around the world. The books are beautifully illustrated by Chris Coady.  These are aimed at 6-9 years olds. Mr D certainly didn’t grasp all the concepts that the books touch upon, but he was interested in the pictures and it is nice to introduce language and words to him.

We have been looking at this book, Tell us a Story, Papa Chagall, by Laurence Anholt.

tell us a story papa chagallWe have a few of the Anholt books and I really like them. I’ve never been ‘into’ art so I find the Anholt books a lovely set of books to read with the children as they introduce famous artists in a really accessible way. This one follows twins Meret and Bella as their Grandfather tells them the story of his life. Like the other books in the series it features reproductions of his art as well as a biographical page all about the artist. I can’t wait until the children are a bit older to be able to begin to look a the difference in approaches by the artists and to begin to develop their own techniques.





Finally, we have been looking at the book A Stork in a Baobab Tree. I’ve put this one away again now for Christmas time. It’s a lovely version of the 12 Days of Christmas (which I am sure most older children will be familiar with) but from an Ethopian view point, looking at Christmas customs. It is a lovely book and a great way to begin to look at Christmas traditions across the world.

a stork in a baobab tree

I was sent copies of the books above in exchange for a fair and honest review. All words and opinions are my own.


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