Space Activities for Pre-Schoolers – Week 3

Space Activities for Pre-Schoolers – Week 3

Firstly, apologies for being tardy with getting this post written. The time seems to escape me these days with one thing and another.

As a quick reminder, our theme for October was space – our week one and week two activities are linked. I have been surprised at just how much Mr D has taken in from this theme. I hadn’t expected it to grab his attention as much as it has, and it’s been lovely to see him engage with the topic so much.

Space Resources for Pre schoolers includes ideas for days out, books and jigsaws

We continued to look at our books, the Usborne one has been really popular with them both. We also played the space pairs game that I made up from the twinkl resources (see week two for more info) as well as playing with the number peg game.

Space Usborne book

We also did some colouring sheets and Mr D did some space themed pencil control sheets that I printed from Twinkl. He enjoyed doing these a lot and was quite engaged with the numbers one (although he hasn’t really mastered these at all yet!) For some reason I didn’t get pictures of us doing these.

Mr D also really enjoyed this counting sheet from Twinkl. Sometimes I find counting to be really hit and miss but he was really enthusiastic with this one – always a bonus! He counted up the items and then asked me to write in the numbers for him. I sometimes wrote the number incorrectly to see if he would correct it, which he did. So I’m pleased to see his number recognition is improving.

We have a colour themed sticker book and one of the pages was a space page so as I am trying to help Miss E learn her colours we did this together. It was a lot of fun and she is beginning to recognise some colours now.

space colour sticker book

We also paid a visit to Jodrell Bank when Damian was off work. Much of it is too advanced for Mr D and Miss E, but it was a lovely day out and they were certainly very impressed with the large telescope and listening to the big bang as well as some of the ‘hands on’ stuff.

Jodrell Bank

Jodrell Bank

The children have also had great fun playing with this space ship book from Miles Kelly. It’s a convertible book that turns into a spaceship – great fun for the children. They’ve played with this and it’s lovely see Mr D’s imaginative play developing. He was keen to tell his sister to sit down as he was flying to the planets! Lots of fun to be had as well as a book to read through too.

Miles Kelly convertible space ship

So, that was our month of space themed activities. I’ve really enjoyed the two themes we have done so far (Weather and Space). I’ve also been lucky enough to get a couple of jigsaws that fit these themes – this Peppa Pig jigsaw was picked up via a local buying and selling site and Mr D has enjoyed putting this together.

Peppa Pig space jigsaw

Next up we are looking at the body and all about me. Prompted by Mr D asking me about the colour of his eyes and his hair.

There are other activities that I hope to do when we revisit this theme again next year. I’ve been saving these on my Pinterest board here.


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  1. Pa
    10th November 2015 / 21:30

    I’m in awe of the things you do with the children. Daniels vocabulary bears witness to the time you invest in the children I love the spaceship book well done on another great theme. X

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