ENWC Book Resources Weeks 1 & 2

ENWC Book Resources Weeks 1 & 2

I wanted to share some of the books we have been using during weeks one and two of the Exploring Nature with Children (ENWC) curriculum.

Week 1 – Seed Dispersal

So the first week was all about seed dispersal. You can read about our nature walk and activities or continue on for our book recommendations. We had a great week during this week and got to read some of our favourite books.

seed dispersal book ideas to support weekone of exploring nature with children

Books we read

My favourite is the beautiful It Starts with a Seed. We have the hardback version of this book and it is just stunning. It really does explain to children all about the seed and how it grows into a tree. The illustrations are just stunning and the poem is equally as beautiful. It really is the most wonderful addition to any home library and it’s one that has spawned a few activities for us in the past too when I wrote a more in-depth review here.

Another we have enjoyed is Grow with Me! My Sunflower. This is a lovely pop-up style book which shows how a sunflower grows from seed to a sunflower. It’s very well done and has a beautiful pop up at the end.

Books we will be looking out for

In addition to the two books above which formed the staple of our seed dispersal week, I am keen to look at Eddie’s Garden and A Seed is Sleepy.

We are big fans of the Eddie series and they do a great job of showing children (and parents!) how easy it can be to do things at home. If Eddie’s garden is anything like the others in the series then I am sure it does an excellent job of demonstrating how plants can grow (and harvesting seeds etc).

A Seed is Sleepy, is, I think, one of the suggested books in the curriculum. I did try to find this in my local libraries but it wasn’t there. It looks to be beautifully illustrated and I am keen to take a look at all of the books in this series as I think they will fit into the various weeks of the curriculum really well.

Week 2 – Minibeasts

We enjoyed this week too – our nature walk was a little wet this week but we did have fun designing a minibeast and doing some other activities. We had more minibeast themed books than I realised when I started looking in our book collection.

minibeast book ides to support week two of exploring nature with children

Books we read

No minibeast week would be complete without the classic Very Hungry Caterpillar. We love this book and it remains a favourite here, and rightly so. We also enjoyed a couple of the Usborne beginners books, including Caterpillars and Butterflies and Bugs. I like how this is written – just enough information and plenty of pictures.

We really enjoyed revisiting the lovely Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt – this is a lovely book and one that both Mr D and Miss E really engage with – they’re utterly captivated by the underground world that this book touches on. I may treat us to a copy of Over and Under the Pond for pond week which I think is a few weeks away as I am sure it will be just as lovely.

The First Fabulous Facts: Minibeasts is a lovely gentle introduction for children by Ladybird.  It talks about underground bugs, night time bugs and the such and, like the Usborne books gives just the right balance of information for children.

Finally, we have been reading the lovely Bee by Britta Teckuntrup – this is the most beautiful book and actually also fits into the Seed Dispersal week above too. I am a big fan of Britta’s work and I am thrilled to have a few more of her books to look through this year too.

Finally, we have been looking at What on Earth? Bees which as well as exploring the history and science of bees also have a good range of hands-on crafts and activities. It is wonderfully illustrated and is one I think we will be turning to again next Spring/Summer as we seek to create bee-friendly spaces.

Books we will be looking out for

I think we are pretty well covered on the minibeast front – although a Beetle is Shy is one that I think we will look to take a look at at some stage.


General Nature Books

As well as the books mentioned above, we have been referring to some general nature books to:

These are all super reference books that we look to on a regular basis as part of our discussions. I am also keen to add the following to our collection too:


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  1. 19th September 2017 / 05:56

    Some great recommendations here! I’m so inspired by how thorough you are with your planning and preparation for each subject x

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