ENWC : Weeks 4, 5 and 6

ENWC : Weeks 4, 5 and 6

Our work on the Exploring Nature with Children curriculum took a bit of a back seat this last couple of weeks. I’d decided that week four would be a rest week for us. This was due to the Harvest Moon falling in October and so the weeks were switched around and week four became pond week. There isn’t a pond at our regular nature spot and we had a busy week planned so I decided we would have a break.

Week five was the harvest moon week – something I’d been looking forward to so much, but then the dreaded sickness bug hit our house and it meant that the planned walk to see the Harvest Moon was scuppered as the children were so exhausted and were in bed for early nights – Mr D had been sleeping much of the afternoon or falling asleep around 5 pm and that being it for the night. It didn’t seem right to have them walking around later at night when they were really not well.

We did, however, have plenty of chats about the Harvest Moon and did have a go at drawing some moon pictures. We used wax crayons for this and talked about how we might make the moon appear to glow. We also read plenty of moon-themed books which the children enjoyed. We did a lot about the moon last year so it was good to refresh this again with them, and I think it might be something we look at again in a few weeks time when we have finish some other things off. I’ve also got some fab moon themed books to share with you all.

This week, week six is all about Autumn Leaves. We did head out for a walk on Sunday to collect some leaves, but Mr H wasn’t 100% and I wasn’t feeling great either so I must confess we haven’t done a great deal with them. I am hoping to head out with them again this week to look at the leaves and gather some to do something with (although I’ve not quite decided as yet what that something might be!). I really feel we need to get out exploring again; it’s something we have all missed doing.

I’ve found it frustrating to have been knocked off course with this sickness bug, but at the same time, I feel fortunate that I’ve not had to worry about dragging Mr H and Miss E out to get Mr D to school. We have been able to do things as and when we have felt able to, and dip into the course as we have been able to.

Autumn is such a wonderful time for exploring the natural world so I am hoping to be back on track with this next week!



  1. 12th October 2017 / 19:34

    The moon was so bright wasn’t it? It’s nice to be able to do these seasonal activities.

  2. 13th October 2017 / 00:53

    Its so lovely doing seasonal activities. I hope you are all feeling better now x

  3. 13th October 2017 / 06:57

    I hope you are all on the mend now. I would have liked to have home schooled Monkey but it wasn’t to be, there are definite benefits thats for sure x

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