Sunday Mornings

Sunday Mornings

Do you ever sit back and watch as chaos ensues around you? This morning I had to just give in and accept that my planned ten minutes of relative peace was not going to happen.

I remember, pre-children, Sunday mornings were always a quiet affair. Damian and I never really had too much planned and the day would be reasonably quiet. We would read the papers, usually The Observer and the Sunday Times – a clear sign of the times when we had the opportunity to read two broadsheets! When I was studying then the afternoon was time to get my books out, to enjoy the peace and concentrate on my studies. Other times we might have a drive out somewhere for a bite to eat or if the weather was good a walk to a local pub for a drink.

Sunday was a day that was never really rushed and it was nice to have a day to be quiet after the busyness of work and the such. Even when Mr D was a baby he would often take a long nap in the mornings, meaning Damian and I got time to sit and read the paper (by this stage just down to the Sunday Times) and enjoy fresh coffee together. As much as I adored him, and still do, it was nice to have that relative break for an hour or two to sit and read and just enjoy the stillness and quietness of the day.

sunday mornings

My how things have changed and this morning was anything far from the quiet and calm Sunday’s of just a few years ago. This morning Miss E and Mr D both bounded into our room at around 7 am – a welcome lie in from their usual 6:30 am wake ups. They snuggled themselves down into the bed, which was lovely until they started complaining about being hungry.

Damian got up with them to sort their breakfast and then came back to bed with a cup of tea. Not long after Mr H woke and we heard him chattering over the monitor. Miss E and Mr D were soon up to see him and lots of noise soon followed. Conscious that our neighbours didn’t want to wake at 8 am on a Sunday morning we got up and ushered them back downstairs.

By the time we had got all three of them downstairs I was wishing I could get back into a warm bed but decided instead to settle for ten minutes peace in the shower. No sooner had I locked the bathroom door and started cleaning my teeth was there a knock from Damian, asking for his dressing gown which he’d left hung up on the door.

Dressing gown retrieved I heard the tell-tale tap as the cat padded across the amtico flooring as he snuck in for some fresh water from the bath taps. I sighed, rinsed out my toothbrush and turned the shower on. There was another knock at the door. Mr D wanting the t-shirt he had left in there from when he had had his bath the night before. T-shirt retrieved and, as the door was closing I heard a shout of ‘don’t lock the door I need a wee’. Cue Miss E clambering up the stairs.

I gave in and just got in the shower as Miss E went to the loo and pulled the door closed behind her as she went out. She then re-appeared a few minutes later, gleefully waving her Paw Patrol knickers that she’d retrieved from the ironing pile, followed by Mr D who was popping in to show me what he was wearing. No sooner had he left, and Miss E appeared again to show me her (by now) Paw Patrol clad bottom – we are seriously Paw Patrol obsessed here at the moment.

I thought I might get a few last moments of peace but, no – Damian then pops in to put Mr H’s nappy in the nappy bucket. At which point I gave in and got out of the shower.

Is it really too much to expect just ten minutes of peace to get showered in the morning – it’s all too reminiscent of the Five Minutes Peace book that we read every now and then – I’m beginning to understand Mrs Large a little more now.

As much as I miss those lazy Sunday mornings, it did make me smile this morning to look at just how much of a cliche my mornings have become.

How are your Sunday mornings? Are they as busy as mine, or more relaxed?


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  1. 17th September 2017 / 13:33

    My weekend mornings are quite relaxed, filled with coffee & catching uo on my TV shows ❤

  2. 17th September 2017 / 19:41

    My Sunday morning are so much civilised now I don’t have any young children around.I enjoy a leisurely cup of tea whilst I catch up with the news or emails etc.

  3. 17th September 2017 / 21:52

    You’ve almost perfectly described the Sunday mornings we had a million years ago before we started a family. On one hand I do miss them, but on the other I kind of like the noise, mess and chaos and the Sunday snuggles in bed before we all get up.

  4. 17th September 2017 / 21:57

    Oh how I remember those relaxing prechild Sunday mornings. Ours now are filled with a toddler bouncing on the bed and a puppy desperate to be taken for a walk!

  5. 18th September 2017 / 00:15

    Lazy Sundays will be back before you know it! Better make the most of this for now!

  6. 18th September 2017 / 10:51

    Sunday mornings are definitely not the same since we had children. I keep thinking they’ll be teenagers one day and I’ll never see them before mid-day!

  7. 18th September 2017 / 19:11

    Ahh this really made me miss my quiet pre-kids existence! I hadn’t really thought about it properly in ages. We go to church on Sunday mornings but I remember struggling to be up and dressed in time to leave the house at 10am – now we go to an earlier service and although it’s still a rush somehow, we’ll most likely have been up at least 3 hours by the time we leave the house!!

  8. 18th September 2017 / 20:36

    Mine is pretty much the same, 6.30 am wake up call, Lucas will now at least chill and watch cartoons snuggled up with us. Once those hunger pangs kick in though it’s downstairs to the mad-house.

    • 18th September 2017 / 22:21

      hunger pangs kick in instantly with my 3 year old! She wants to be up instantly

  9. 19th September 2017 / 06:02

    This is spot on! Although we have one who wakes at the crack of dawn (although he’s happy with a cuddle and DVD in bed luckily!) and one sleepy teen who doesn’t surface until his brother wakes him otherwise we wouldn’t see him until lunchtime I’m sure You’ve reminded me about lazy Sundays reading the papers, it was always Sunday business for me. Now I’m lucky if I get to scroll Facebook! How times have changed! X

  10. 19th September 2017 / 12:32

    Before kids I used to make myself breakfast in bed and relax with my book EVERY DAY. I haven’t done it now in 7 and a half years 🙁

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