Getting Ready for an Adventure

Getting Ready for an Adventure

As a blogger I often get a regular influx of press releases. I was recently sent one for two BRILLIANT items from the Natural History Museum so I quickly enquired if there were samples available and was thrilled when they arranged to send the children a brilliant dinosaur playmat back pack.

This dinosaur play mat folds into a backpack and is the perect take along treat for summer picnics. From the natural history museum

I was so excited to show this to the children and they were both very excited when they saw it. They unzipped it and promptly filled with a range of toy dinosaurs that they have collected in recent weeks. Mr D then walked around with it on his back and then would periodically unzip it all and get the dinosaurs out.

Dinosaur playmat backpack from NHMShop

When he (eventually) let Miss E wear it on her back she did the same. It has been the one thing they pick up every time they come home and it will be perfect for when we visit family etc to have this to hand.

Dinosaur playmat backpack from NHMShop

The backpack itself is lightweight and made from a material that is easy to wipe clean. It unzips and folds out in a playmat complete with a play scene. It also comes with a dinosaur and I am sure if your children are anything like mine they’ll have a herd of dinosaurs to add to it too! It’s been really lovely watching the children’s imaginative play with this backpack and listening to them as the have their dinosaurs stomp along.

We will be using this backpack once the new addition is here to fill with toys to take to the park for walks – hopefully it will keep the occupied along with their bikes as I feed and sort the baby out. We might also sneak in a few picnic items too.

The Natural History Museum shop is available online which is perfect for those of us not in close proximity – it is one place I cannot wait to take the children to when they’re older and able to appreciate it all a little more (and withstand a long day of sight seeing). They also have a whole section of the website dedicated to dinosaurs – I’m glad we aren’t too close to either of the children’s’ birthdays otherwise I’d have placed a very large order in!

Dinosaur playmat backpack from NHMShop

The dinosaur playmat backpack is available from and is priced at £20. I was sent a sample in exchange for a fair and honest review. All words, images and opinions are my own.



  1. 14th June 2016 / 12:21

    What an ingenious back pack! #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  2. Sara Handy Herbs
    15th June 2016 / 13:22

    That is such a good idea! Love it 🙂 #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

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