Craft Sticks & Velcro

Craft sticks and velcro dots make for a very versatile toy!

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I picked up some craft sticks for Daniel ages ago whilst I was out and about, but have been a bit lacking in inspiration as to what I could do with them that was age appropriate for him. I was then perusing Pinterest one evening and saw something abotu velcro dots… which gave me a good idea. 

I ordered some velcro dots from Amazon – they are really not very expensive and when they arrived spent 15 minutes or so sticking them onto the ends of the craft sticks.

Today whilst I was sorting out some washing I gave Daniel the sticks to play with – I showed him how they could stick together and he happily sat and played with them whilst I did what I needed to do in another part of the garden.

He enjoyed pulling them apart, and I was impressed with how strong the dots are – it is an effort for him to pull them apart and it was helping him develop his motor skills to stick them back together again.

In time I plan to show him how to make shapes with the sticks, initially laying the sticks over some printed shapes such as squares and triangles and then moving on to him creating th shapes on his own.

They are also really useful for helping to teach colour. We have been sent a book from Little Tiger Press which we will soon be reviewing and I was able to pick up the corresponding colour sticks and show him how it matched the colours on the page.

He seemed like he was taking it in and was copying the sign language for the colours too as we read.

 I love this really simple activity – and it’s one that as Emma grows I will be able to adapt for them to both play with at the same time. 



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