Christmas Crafting Fun with Baker Ross

Christmas Crafting Fun with Baker Ross


All three children are at peak Christmas excitement – we have the tree up and the decorations out. Christmas cards have been written, and the passing of my birthday this week means that, for the children, the countdown is well and truly on.

I have abandoned any notion of getting anything new started with them, so they have been focusing on a lot of Christmas themed things. We have been reading, drawing, painting and of course, crafting. Thankfully, Baker Ross sent me a box packed with Christmas crafts so we have been busy with those.

I really like Baker Ross – they produce lots of craft kits for all sorts of things; there are themed kits for events like Christmas and Easter, as well as kits themed around things like animals, fairies, football etc. There’s also a lot of ‘general’ products such as paper and card, glue and paint and they’re all at really competitive prices.

I don’t do as much crafting with the children as I used to when the older two were a little younger – Daniel and Em are always makings things out of the various egg boxes and other bits and pieces they grab from the recycling and store in their making box. I do like to always have plenty of card and paper to hand for them as well as pens, scissors and tape, and we have a few packs of the Baker Ross paper packs stowed away for them (and some has been used recently to add straw to the nativity crib scene we have).

The children set about deciding what they wanted to work on first; they all decided that the first thing that they *had* to do was to make their own mini Christmas trees. These are a great little craft and absolutely perfect for H to get involved in too. There are four trees in the pack and each one comes in its own mini pack so everything you need is to hand. At this time of year having an activity ready to run with is really useful. The oldest two could follow the (pictorial) instructions to complete their trees which meant I could sit with H and help him assemble his tree. These are quite a sweet little craft, and the children have delighted in dotting their trees about the house; I think we have two added into our nativity scene (it’s a modern interpretation apparently!) as well as the other two upstairs.

Next up they set about decorating some little gingerbread house tealight holders. They used the special pens for these and they all enjoyed doing these. The pens are pretty good and it was fun to see the different detail that the children wanted to pick out for their tealight holders. Daniel was keen to add snow to the rooftop, and Harry just enjoyed making his mark on them!

We have made decorations for the tree (we had some lovely wooden decorations pre-printed with pictures of pugs in various Christmas scenes) and these have now been added to the tree. We also got some wooden gingerbread men (pictured above) that the children use to cross stitch onto. They struggled with this initially so I think we will try again in the coming week,

They’ve all had great fun creating winter scenes with the Christmas stickers and they used some fab gold and silver paper for this. Stickers are always enjoyed here and I do like stocking up on the ones Baker Ross sell as they’re always such good quality and very colourful and perfect for creating all sorts of scenes.

We have made Christmas cards using the festive coloured card pack and they’ve enjoyed making some robin baubles. The craft kits are all well thought out and the instructions are clear enough, and easy enough, for the older two to follow relatively independently, just coming to me when they need a little help with something.

Baker Ross also sent us a couple of other items, including some Owl themed cups to decorate and a fab ladybird keyring craft which they both loved doing and the results of which currently adorn their backpacks. We also got a tin of watercolour paints which we will be putting to use for our weekly poetry tea time sessions in the new year.

I really am so impressed with the kits from Baker Ross and I’m planning an order in the new year time to stock up our craft boxes. The card and paper packs are brilliant value and it’s always worth stocking up on other decorative bits and pieces for the children to add to their creations – things like sequins and ribbon tend to go down well! Plus, the team at Baker Ross are also offering my followers 20% off a £20 shop with the code BURNS20 to make those purchases even more of a bargain.


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