What We’re Reading this Christmas

What We’re Reading this Christmas

We seem to have gathered so many Christmas books over the last couple of years, but it’s always lovely to get new books to have a look through and share together. I’ve written about Christmas books in the past, and you can read those here and here. I wanted this time around to share some of the new books that are available this Christmas, especially as there are some for independent readers in there and I haven’t covered those before.

Emma has been enjoying the How to Hide a Lion at Christmas book – anything lion themed is a hit with her and this is no exception. The story follows Iris as her and her family travel aware for Christmas, which means leaving Lion behind… but Lion has other ideas. This is a relly fun story and the children love this, seeing what Lion gets up to as he tries to find Iris.

Construction site at Christmas is another in the ‘construction site’ series. We love these books and they’ve all been enjoyed by all three children, but this Christmas version is really enjoyed by Harry. It is a fantastic book that is as fun to read to the children as it is for them to listen to. The text is an easy rhyme and the children delight in seeing what the various machines are doing in preparation for Christmas. What I really love about this series is the illustrations. They are edge to edge and the detail is fantastic, they give each machine a lot of personality and it’s fun seeing this across the series of books.

The Story Orchestra Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty books have, once again, been big hits here and these are truly superb books. I intend to follow the nutcracker art history course with the children too. We haven’t started this yet but it might be something we pick up in the time between Christmas and New Year as we have tickets booked to see the Royal Northern College of Music performance in mid-January. These books are the most wonderful to introduce these classic stories and the accompanying orchestral music to children, and it’s prompted us to play the whole nutcracker suite through Spotify whilst we work this last week.

Now Daniel is reading independently I often find him with his head buried in a book. This last week he picked up a book called Santa Claude from the library which we have been enjoying at bedtime. It’s very funny and the children giggle away to it as we read it. It’s very Christmassy and I think Daniel will probably try to seek out more of the Claude series in the new year.

The next book we will share is one called Frost by Holly Webb. Holly Webb is an author who I see appear time and time again, but we haven’t shared any of her stories yet. I am sure the children will enjoy this, and I think Daniel might already have started reading this as he has mentioned it to me in the last week. Frost is a fox and whilst this isn’t strictly a Christmas story, it’s very wintery and is perfect for the time of year. Finally, he has also been enjoying the One Snowy Night book, which is a series of short stories by a range of authors. These are great for him to dip in and out of on his own and I think we might use it for bedtime stories soon, now that both the older two children are enjoying longer chapter books as bedtime.

What Christmas books are your children enjoying this year?


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