Children’s Christmas Gifts With a Difference

Children’s Christmas Gifts With a Difference

I’ve written gift guides for children before, and some of the items on there are still items that I would always recommend, a year or so on. Creative, open-ended toys are always good fun and span the age ranges. However, this year I wanted to share some slightly different Children’s Christmas gift ideas.

Children's christmas gifts

Miss E got a scooter in the summer and I am sure that she would love the addition of a Mini Hornit to it. It’s a funky sound machine which comes loaded with 25 sound effects including bells, trumpets, racing cars and animals, and has bright lights too. It does sound like a really fun addition to their scooters and bikes.

Mr D has been keen to get his own scooter* since Miss E got hers, and we have chosen one for him from an online store called Skates. Skates have a superb range of Toddler and Young Children’s Scooters but we managed to narrow it down to the one pictured below. It has light up wheels, like his sister’s as well as a back brake. It looks pretty neat and I am sure we will be out on the road Christmas morning, if its dry enough, testing it out.


The light up effects at the front are pretty good and I know Mr D will love this, and the wheels move side to side as weight is applied. The addition of a brake at the back is also good, meaning that if he gets little too giddy, he can at least slow down reasonably quickly.

light up scooter

Moving away from the outdoor fun I am a big fan of STEM toys. This year we are very much about construction toys with Duplo and Lego being the main gifts for all three children. We also have a new toy to take a look at, Arckit*. It’s a great toy which is aimed at children 5+ and helps them get to grips with design ideas. Each set contains a range of components to enable you to create buildings, towns and cities. They all fit together really easily with a push fit and the box of the Tiny Town set we have forms the backdrop of the town that you build. We have touched a little already on design and I think this is something we will get to grips with more in the spring when I want to do some work on towns and cities. There’s a range of different sets available and there’s currently 30% off online.

arckit stem toy

Continuing the STEM theme a magazine subscription is always a win and one that I’d really recommend is an OKIDO gift subscription. There is a range of options available for the magazine and it’s a great gift to receive across the year. I’ve written more about OKIDO here.

Finally, If you’re looking for a show stopper family gift then I really recommend something like a football table. Both Mr D and Miss E enjoy playing table football at the various groups we go to and this Defender Football Table* is superb. I have a full review of this to share soon but it’s a great family gift for Christmas and one that will give many years of fun. I can’t wait for the children to get to grips with this – they will love it.

So, that’s my children’s gift guide for 2017 – what other sorts of gifts would you suggest for children?

Items marked with * I have received in exchange for inclusion in this gift guide


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