Warming Winter Soups

Warming Winter Soups

I’m a big fan of using the slow cooker and over the last month have been using it a lot to make soups. It’s always lovely to get home and get a rich smell of fresh food that’s ready for eating. There are three current favourites that I thought I’d share here, as it’s something that is a really easy and simple thing to make with children, and I’ve really enjoyed hearing Mr D recount the recipes we have used to my parents in recent weeks, proof that education doesn’t always quite look like you might expect. I always think learning to make meals is an important skill and I think Mr D and Miss E are well on their way to being able to make some simple but tasty and nutritious soups.

Now, fresh soup should, in my opinion, always be paired with thick slices of fresh seeded bread and my ‘skill to learn’ for 2018 will definitely be bread making. I’m tempted to get one of the new Panasonic Bread Makers to help me in this mission, particularly as I’m so impressed that the latest range of bread makers also help with cake making – something my family will readily agree I need help with.

super simple slow cooker soups perfect for winter time

Butternut Squash

Mr D really enjoys this soup and it is remarkably easy to make. Simply add one large chopped onion and one peeled and chopped butternut squash to your slow cooker.

Add vegetable stock until it is just covering the vegetables and a little salt and pepper. Simply set the slow cooker on high for three hours and when it’s done, blend and serve.

This is a really tasty soup and perfect for the colder winter months.

Celery Soup

When I used to work, there was an onsite cafe that made lunchtime soups, they once made a really tasty celery soup and up until recently, I’d been unable to recreate it at home. However, my auntie recently shared a recipe on her Facebook page and it is delicious.

Simply take a full head of celery and chop then add to the slow cooker. Add a large onion and a pinch of garlic salt. Add two vegetable stock cubes and then water until it’s just covering the vegetables.

Set the slow cooker (I left mine on low for five or so hours as it was for an evening meal) and blend when cooked. I add pepper to mine to serve and have also added a little parmesan too.

soup and fresh bread

Leek & Potato Soup

A real favourite of mine is leek and potato soup. Simply wash and chop three leeks and one onion, adding them to the slow cooker. Peel and chop a large potato and add to the slow cooker along with a pinch of mixed herbs.

Add vegetable stock until it’s just covering the vegetables and set the slow cooker. Three-Four hours should be long enough. Once finished just quickly blend the soup. You can also add a little cream to make a creamier soup, but I like it just as it is.


Soup is the perfect thing to pack in a flask for picnics out and coupled with some fresh bread it really can’t be beaten on a cold winters day. I love the look of the new Panasonic Bread Makers – they’re much more stylish than I recall bread makers ever being and they’ll fit in well with any kitchen, and who doesn’t enjoy the smell of fresh bread?

What are your favourite bread and soup recipes? Leave me a comment below so I can try them out soon.


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  1. Pat
    6th December 2017 / 00:34

    The celery soup is a favourite here. I’ve made it several times. I made the butternut squash soup yesterday and had some for tea with fresh bread. It was delicious.

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