Out and about with the KiddiMoto U-Zoom

Out and about with the KiddiMoto U-Zoom

Back in the summer, the children went to a couple of places where there were scooters that they could play on. Both Mr D and Miss E LOVED scooting around, and so when KiddiMoto got in touch to offer me the chance to test out a U-Zoom, I knew it would be too good an opportunity to miss.

We were sent a U-Zoom and matching crash helmet in the Skullz pattern. The U-zoom itself is pretty neat – it is lightweight and happily (for me!) it folds up – making it super easy to transport when the children want to run off to play or get tired of scootering. When it’s folded, it’s small enough to tuck underneath the Joie Nitro pushchair that we use.

kidimoto u-zoom review

Much to the children’s delight, the U-zoom has flashing wheels – useful for these slightly darker evenings as it means on the occasions they’re scootering along the road side, the lights make them more visible.

Mr D is pretty keen to get out on his bike when he can, so Miss E has the scooter, and in truth Mr D is at the upper end of the suggested age for the U-zoom, it’s aimed at children aged 3-5. As the Kiddimoto U-Zoom is super light at just over 2kg, it means that little children can handle them with ease. The frame is so light as it’s made from sturdy aluminium and the footplace is a strong plastic – this is really well designed as even with super muddy wellies Miss E’s feet haven’t once slipped.

Kidimoto U-zoom review

I was a bit unsure how she would get on with the steering on the u-zoom – some scooters she has struggled to turn with, instead just opting to scoot up and down in a straight line. The U-zoom has three wheels (two at the front and one at the back) and it has a really neat steering system – the website blurb tells me it’s called ‘easy-lean technology’ – which is probably the easiest way to describe it! Leaning side to side helps turn the scooter and Miss E soon got the hang of this.

Kidimoto U-zoom review

I’m a bit of a safety nut when it comes to scooters and bikes. There’s been a number of times Mr D has gone into the barriers on our road and the bike helmet he wears has been so important . We are keen to instil in them the discipline of wearing a helmet when they’re on bikes so I am thrilled that Miss E has a matching Kiddimoto helmet (complete with her name along the side of it!)

Kidimoto U-zoom review

The helmet is really funky and fits her well thanks to various bits you can adjust to get that perfect snug fit. There are also a number of air vents in the helmet which means that in those warmer months they should stay cool. Miss E has the small-sized one, and I expect it will fit her some time yet.

Having the U-Zoom scooter has been a bit of a game changer for those days in the park when the children need to be moving to keep warm. As it folds up so neatly I can pop it in the car, along with Mr D’s bike and Mr H’s pushchair and we are away. Perfect for autumn wanderings.


We were sent a Kiddimoto U-Zoom and matching helmet for the purpose of this review. The U-Zoom is available from Kiddimoto for £59.99


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