Carrying a Toddler

Carrying a Toddler

Having two under two means that I have to make compromises on things I would otherwise have done, had I just had one child. One of this big things is having to use pushchairs much more than I would otherwise have done.

Pre Emma I used to prefer to carry Daniel using my Ergo carrier. It was brilliant and I found it a lot easier than using a pushchair. Daniel start walking in January so wasn’t a strong walker when Emma was born, meaning I had to rely on using the pushchair more than I would have otherwise.

Last week I took Daniel out for the day, so thought I would see how far he could walk and then use the Ergo is needed. He managed to walk a fair distance but was pretty tired on the way back so he went into the Ergo. I could carry him easily enough but knew that I would struggle to carry him for more than 90 mins or so. My preference is to carry him on my back now, but the panel of the Ergo doesn’t feel like it reaches far enough up his back anymore.

I started looking for something new to use to carry my toddler and was torn between a Connecta and a Tula. The Tula’s look gorgeous, and I really really really want one, but the Connecta was a lot cheaper and came with great reviews.

So, on Monday evening I ordered my new Connecta and it arrived today. It’s different to the Ergo, the main difference being the front carry requires the straps to be crossed over the back (which I don’t like) and unlike the Ergo, it doesn’t have a thick waistband.

I had a quick try of it with Daniel (who was being a bit grumpy) and it instantly felt like a better fit for us both – his knees are now supported knee to knee (as is the optimum position) in the Ergo the panel was too short to fully support knee to knee, and the panel comes up his back.

It will take a bit of getting used to, but we are away next week so I am sure it will be tried out a lot then…

I’ve not given up the dream of a Tula… maybe that will be Emma’s toddler carrier.



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