Lenny Lamb Carrier Review

Lenny Lamb Carrier Review

Back in April when I was pregnant, Lenny Lamb sent me one of their soft structured carriers to review.

Detailed review of the lenny lamb soft structured carrier. Must read for all babywearers

I’ve been using it for a little while now that Mr H is big enough to fit in it and have been really impressed. My go to carrier once the children have reached a good weight has been my Ergo and it has served me well with both Mr D and Miss E. I wasn’t sure anything could take the place of that one, but the Lenny Lamb is challenging it at the moment; so much so that the Ergo hasn’t had a look in since I tried the Lenny Lamb.

lenny lamb carrier review

I was sent the Little Love – Orchid colour way and was really surprised at how soft it was – I’ve never come across a carrier that was so super soft. The wrap in this fabric must be amazing to play with.

The carrier was safely stored away until Mr H was big enough and a week or so ago I took it out to have a play and to alter to fit me. The carrier has lots of features. Importantly the yarn and dyes used to create the fabric are OKEO-TEX certified which means you can be assured of their suitability for small children. Lenny Lamb also ensure the carrier complies with the relevant articles.

Lenny Lamb carrier review

I was impressed with the waist buckle – this is a three point safety buckle which means it is virtually impossible to accidentally unclip it – I’ve not come across a carrier with this type of buckle before. You have to press the button on top in as well as squeeze the edges of the buckle to release it. It’s super safe and secure.

Lenny Lamb carrier review buckle detail

I was also really surprised with the shoulder straps. These adjust four ways which means you can get the absolute perfect fit for you and your baby and it can be altered easily as your baby gets bigger (or you swap between children). I think it’s pretty ingenious and it’s something that has meant that I have been able to use the Lenny Lamb carrier comfortably much earlier than the Ergo or the Rose & Rebellion that I so loved with Miss E. The picture below shows the shoulder straps and how they alter. The first picture shows it in its tightest setting, the middle is fully released and the final one shows how the webbing is held in place. It’s really easy to alter using the buckles and makes the carrier a really comfortable fit.

Lenny Lamb carrier review strap detail

There is also a sleep hood which is adjustable and the main body panel is contoured with soft padding for the legs of the baby. The shoulder straps are also soft and padded as you can probably see from the pictures above.

The design of this carrier and the softness of the fabric means that it moulds to the wearer’s body. The Rose & Rebellion hasn’t been used too much this time around as my body shape has changed following pregnancy again, and I’ve struggled to get a comfortable fit with it, the Lenny Lamb however hugs across my hips and waist and allows for a super comfortable carrying position. I have carried Mr H on two recent days out to the National Railway Museum and the Herd of Sheffield. It’s also been gentle enough to not disturb the site of his injections during that same week.

I always think the test of a good carrier is how easily the baby falls asleep. Mr H sleeps and sleeps and sleeps in this carrier.

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He approves of the Lenny Lamb ssc I think ❤

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I’ve been really impressed with the Lenny Lamb carrier. It is strong and sturdy but very cool to wear – the walk around Sheffield was a warm day yet I didn’t feel hot at all; no mean feat when carrying a baby. There is a lot of growing room in this carrier and, unlike my Ergo, I think it will last well into toddler hood due to the good-sized panel and very adjustable straps. I love the softness of the fabric; my only concern is that it might be prone to pulls, although I haven’t spotted any yet, despite my propensity to pull and snag my clothes a lot. I really recommend this carrier; it is without doubt the most adjustable and close-fitting soft structured carrier I have tried (and I’ve tried eight or nine now).

lenny lamb carrier review



  1. 24th September 2016 / 11:28

    We love our Lenny lamb scc though for front carries I do miss my Tula at times. It is super soft and so adjustable but I find the straps are a bit back to front for tightening when on. Back carries are so comfy with it.

    • 24th September 2016 / 12:03

      I’ve not had to tighten whilst it’s on yet. Did you sell your Tula? I have a toddler sized one so that’s my carrier for E and D x

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