Outdoor Fun

Outdoor Fun

When I got up on Sunday morning it was lovely and bright, so I thought I’d make the most of the last good weather of the year and have some outdoor fun with a bit of messy play.

Daniel has, in recent weeks, been quite upset when he gets any dirt or paint on him, insisting that it’s cleaned up straight away. I decided I would roll out some paper for him to paint on, meaning that he would almost certainly get paint on himself.

outdoor fun toddlers

He quite enjoyed it I think, and he liked using the foam triangle to make paint splodges and the cardboard roll was something different to use too. He was only a little concerned that he had paint on him…

Meanwhile I had made a couple of sensory bags for Emma. One was filled with red water, the other with water with pom poms and foam shapes in. I also put out some cooked spaghetti, cold beans and a bowl of flour.

Both Emma and Daniel enjoyed playing with all the things, espeically the sensory bags. I need to get some glitter to make some glittery ones for them as I am sure they would both enjoy messing with them.

Sensory play, and in particular the water bags and great thins to have around. Whilst Emma just enjoys chasing the shapes, I can talk to Daniel about how the bags feel, what we can see etc etc. I love having activities that I can do with both Daniel and Emma at the same time, each learning and taking their own things from it.


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