Amazonas Carry Sling – Review

Amazonas Carry Sling – Review

I have always enjoyed carrying the children and have carried all three from birth in stretchy wraps (see here and here for those that we have used). I have used a number of different buckled carriers, but hadn’t ever used a woven wrap – I think they always seemed to be a bit too complicated for me to get my head around how to tie them. As Mr H is likely to be our final baby (sob) I was keen to try a woven wrap, there are so many youtube videos and guides that I was sure I’d find one that would help me use it. I was thrilled to receive an Amazonas Carry Sling.

The sling I was sent was the lollipop colourway and it is lovely and bright and has been the perfect antidote to the rather grey summer we seem to have had so far. My Amazonas carry sling has been well used.

Amazonas carry sling review

The sling is made from a special weave which Amazonas say means that it has ‘an optimum longitudinal strength and stability while providing the required diagonal flexibility and stretchability.’ What this means in practice is that the sling only stretches diagonally (unlike the stretchy wraps I have been more used to). This means that when tied the sling adapts to the baby’s body gently but securely and firmly. This is different to the stretchy wraps which do, for me at least, work themselves a little loose, especially as the baby becomes more alert and active.

I will admit to being a bit apprehensive on how to wrap correctly with the sling. but the instructions included are brilliant. They’re step by step photographs which really help you to get to grips. The sling has a middle marker which makes it easy to find the centre point and I was pleasantly surprised at how cool the sling felt – I can often feel quite warm using the stretchy wraps but with the Amazonas carry sling I felt reasonably cool in it.

The picture below is of my very first attempt at wrapping in the sling – I was pleased with how tight I got it first time, and Mr H fell asleep whilst I was taking the picture.

The woven slings do take a little longer to fasten than a stretchy (well for me at least) but I have found that once wrapped, Mr H feels much more secure in it than he does in the stretchy now he is getting bigger. Mr D and Miss E were both very small as baby’s and gained weight slowly, Mr H is much bigger in comparison and I don’t think I will be using the stretchy too much longer as when he is awake and wriggling he doesn’t feel as secure as I would like.

Amazonas carry sling review

The sling is really soft but supportive – I was worried that it would need some breaking in, but happily it was soft enough to use straight away. Mr H also likes this wrap and seems to fall instantly asleep in it. As my stretchy wraps are retired in the coming weeks I think this will be used more and more – especially for the groups I take Mr D and Miss E to!

I’m really pleased that we had an opportunity to review the Amazonas carry sling and for a first time wrapper I am really impressed with this wrap and am already looking at other colourways to expand our collection with! I’ve not yet tried wrapping on my back as Mr H is a little too small for that but as and when I do I’ll share images on my Instagram feed.

amazonas carry sling review - great sling for first time wrappers

I’m really impressed with the amazonas carry sling – it feels like a great quality woven wrap, the material is lovely to wrap with as well as being a bright colour. The instructions that it came with are really clear and I was able to use them to wrap Mr H – without needing to refer to YouTube videos like I have for other carriers and wraps.








  1. 4th August 2016 / 20:20

    This is a beautiful wrap. very bright and colourful and Harry looks so comfortable and secure in it.

  2. Pauline
    4th August 2016 / 20:21

    Gorgeous picture of you and Harry. He is gorgeous X will have to come for a cuddle soon xx

  3. 9th August 2016 / 20:20

    I’ve never been able to master a stretchy wrap which is a shame as some of the colour / patterns are just beautiful and this one is no exception!

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