Autumnal Shoes

Autumnal Shoes

Summer has been such a wash out so far, when I should be still thinking about summer dresses, sandals and t-shirts I am instead planning my autumn clothing. As I write it is drizzling, and it is only the green on the trees that gives away that fact that we are not into the autumn months.

I’ve been buying bits and pieces for the children as I have seen them. Mr D is pretty much sorted, and I think he will end up with some new clothes for his birthday from family. Miss E needs some long-sleeved shirts and some new tights (which or course will be Slugs and Snails).

They will both need wellies at some point – but I will wait until their next shoes fitting to get those I think. I want to make the most of stomping in muddy puddles and be ready for if we have any snow this year.

It got me to thinking about my own clothing and my own footwear. In the warmer months I live in my jelly shoes and Merrell sandals. and it dawned on that, since finishing work, I haven’t even bought a proper pair of smart shoes. A pair of boots was my winter staple when I was working, but the need to replace my last pair hasn’t been there, until now. I know I need to get a new pair of jeans at some stage soon, but I am hoping if I can keep up the running then I might be able to squeeze into a pair that I have that almost fit me.

I do need to think about my shoes. I can’t keep wearing my open toe sandals and jelly as the rain sets in the weather gets colder. I need, I think, to buy a pair of boots.


Ladies' boots

I had a quick look on google, which is always a silly thing to do as you then spend too long reading things instead of being productive (so I thought I might as well pretend I was being productive by writing a blog post about it!). I love the knee high ladies boots from Jones. They look lovely and comfortable and will be great to wear with my dresses as well as with skinny jeans. Flats are a must as I spend a lot of time walking.

The Rieker Boots from Shoetique look perfect for when I’m out walking and can no longer wear my trusty sandals due to wet and cold weather. They look like they’ll have a good grip and keep my feet toasty when it’s a little colder. I also like the colour of these. I like getting away from the standard black.

Damian thinks I should get dressier boots, and the kitten heeled one from Faith (at Debenhams) look lovely, and the heel is small enough for me to cope with.

Finally I spotted the fourth pair when I was in Next last week. They are lovely and soft and I like the lace up – they’re quite different to the usual style I go for but they were really lovely.

I think if I might treat myself to a pair of these in the coming months – I seem to spend so much time sorting out the children’s wardrobes that by the time I’ve thought of mine, the season has passed!


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  1. Pat
    20th August 2015 / 21:14

    I love the Rieker boots. I’d like those.

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