Review : Autumn Activity Books

Review : Autumn Activity Books

The lovely team at Michael O’Mara and Buster Books have sent me some lovely activity books over the past month…. here are my thoughts on them.

The Playmobil Annual.

playmobil annual 2015

I used to love getting annuals for Christmas – always packed full of puzzles and stories and the Playmobil annual is no different. 2014 marked the 40th year anniversary of Playmobil and it’s one of those toys that has and continues to be a firm family favourite – I know the playmobil toys we have here are regulars in Daniel’s play (particularly his space rocket).

The annual is packed with colouring pages, puzzles and games and tons more – perfect Christmas gift.


The Halloween Activity Book
I wasn’t too sure what to expect of this book when it dropped through the letter box. I don’t really ‘do’ Halloween, but I suppose with two small children it is one of those things that their peers might do, so it is good to have a few ideas up my sleeve to teach them about it.

halloween activity book

This is quite a substantial book, packed full of ideas and it’s the sort of thing I think would be great if you were hosting a party – lots of ideas for things to do and to engage children in. Like the Playmobil annual there are puzzles and game but also recipes (Eyeball Cake pops anyone?).

I really liked the Origami bit – what do you think of my spooky face? This is really easy to do and it would be a great activity for a playgroup to do or even in schools. It would also be good to make a few and have the children decorate them and possibly make bunting from them if you made them of a similar size. I think I will be be doing this activity with Daniel as Halloween draws closer and decorating them up to display in the house.

Spooky origami face!

The Neon Colouring Book
neon colouring bookWhen I posted pics of this book up on Instagram and twitter, I got loads of comments about it. I love the colouring books produced by Buster and O’mara books – this one is meant for the children’s market but, I’m sorry Daniel – hand’s off! Mummy is keeping this one!

inside neon colouring book

This book is packed full of gorgeous pictures to
colour, and it’s ridiculous that until this landed on the doormat, it had never occurred to me to use highlighter pens to colour in with!! The finished article is just beautiful and despite Daniel doing his best to show me the press release and remind me that this should be in his colouring box, it’s one I will keep for myself.

There are lots of different types of pictures, animals, geometric shapes and patterns and it is sure to appeal to a really wide range of people. I also enjoyed using highlighters to colour in with – strange that I almost need ‘permission’ to do so!

Look Mummy – this is meant for me

Creative Therapy Colouring Book

creative therapy colouring book

I have previously reviewed the Art Therapy book, which is similar to this and I adored it (and it remains one of my most read blog posts).

This book is stunning. It really really is. It is a perfect coffee table book, it is sure to initiate conversation and interest and it is such a fabulous book to look through. It is incredibly tactile.

I almost didn’t want to start colouring and doodling in this one, I almost can’t live up to it!

There has been a resurgence over the past few months of adults colouring in, it’s proven to be relaxing and in all honesty, it is one of those things I love to dip in and out of. This book is similar to the Art Therapy one, and it is difficult to say which is my fave, they are both gorgeous books packed full of fab pictures to bring to life. I can guarantee you will buy one and instantly want the other one too!

take a look at this article. It talks a lot about stress busting and I can honestly say it helps me to relax. Life with two small children can be hectic and at times stress inducing. If I need Daniel to calm down then we get the colouring books out. If he sees me sat down colouring, then he likes to join in too. It is nice to have that time together and for us to both explore our creative sides, as well as taking the opportunity to talk to him about the pictures and colours we see.


*Please note these books were sent to me to provide a fair and honest review. All words are my own. This post also contains affiliate links*



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    26th December 2014 / 20:41

    They all look soooo fun!

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