Simple Toys – CD Cases

Simple Toys – CD Cases

It’s always the way that even when surrounded by toys of all different shapes and sizes, it is the everyday thing like CD cases that will grab your child’s attention!

We have been busy sorting out things in our house, like many people we seem to have accumulated all sorts of bits and pieces over the past few years. We had a clear out of stuff and we had left a few empty CD cases on the sofa one evening.

The next morning, after breakfast Daniel was really very interested in them and spent over an hour playing with them! Opening and closing, lining them up against each other, putting them on top of each other. I was genuinely amazed at how long they kept him engaged.

He has since gone back to them a few times so I plan to save a few more cases as and when I come across them and to put different pictures in them. The plan being that I can ask him to find various things and talk about them.


CD Cases toy

Over the past week he has gone back to these cases time and time again so my next plan is to put some pictures in of animals and ask him to find the horse, the cow etc. I then plan to do it with colours and the such.

It’s one of those things I would never have thought to give him to play with, but I can see the wealth of opportunities they present.

Some ideas I have to do with them includes:

  • Animal pictures
  • colours
  • shapes
  • numbers (asking him to find the case with 4 butterflies in etc)
  • decorate our own covers (when he is a little older)
  • Expressions – so a happy face, sad face etc and ask him to recreate it
  • Actions – so clap hands, sing a song, dance, jump up and down

Have you come across any other everyday items that can be used to prompt learning activities?



  1. 21st October 2014 / 18:39

    I love a good recycling project.

    What a great idea.

    Thanks so much for linking up xxx


  2. 21st October 2014 / 19:18

    Great idea!! Baby M is fascinated with CD cases too and no matter how much I try to distract him he keeps going back to them. Might try some of these #ToddlerAprrovedTuesday

  3. 21st October 2014 / 19:30

    Its true what they say – kids always prefer the box they come in to the toys themselves!! My little ones have been playing with a bike pump non stop this week and arguing over it!!

  4. 21st October 2014 / 19:55

    yes! Elsie is currently obsessed with DVD cases…same logic applies I suppose, thanks for giving me some inspiration!

    Thanks for linking to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

    • 22nd October 2014 / 19:24

      oh yes, DVD and CD cases work wonders! Lots of great ideas isn’t there, Becky.
      thank you for stopping by x

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