Age Appropriate Chores

Age Appropriate Chores

Daniel is really keen to copy us and recently has taken to helping around the house with little jobs here and there.

There are certain things that are ‘his’ job, so for instance setting the table which consists of him taking the cutlery (minus knives) through into the dining room along with any sauces etc we are having. He loves doing this and always tells us that he is a ‘big help’, which of course he is.

When I am preparing food he likes to put the food waste (veg peelings etc) into the food waste bin, and the used dishes into the sink.

Yesterday he gained a new daily job – filling the cats biscuits and water dishes. He found a sports bottle and pretended to empty water from it into the cat’s bowl. I put some water into the bottle and he then took it to the bowl and carefully poured it in. Jasper, our cat soon came over and took a drink, which Daniel thought was amazing.

He then wanted to fill the biscuits up so we gave him a cup of biscuits and off he went. We have assigned this as his job each morning, and when he woke this morning and we came downstairs he did check to see if the dishes needed refilling.

I saw the image below doing the rounds a few weeks or so ago on various Facebook groups – there was a lot of debate in some groups about how silly some of the expectations were for the 2-3 age group.

Age appropriate chores

Daniel does most of those in his age bracket (although I don’t think I dust the baseboards let alone him!) but I wouldn’t have him carrying the wood for the fire simply because the logs are really heavy and we dissuade him and Emma from going near the woodburner. The other things he willingly does. He has always like to help bring nappies and when he sees me folding them after washing he helps pass me the various inserts. He is also keen to throw away rubbish and to put items in the laundry basket.

These are all things that he has willingly initiated, and Emma to, at 11 months is starting to want to help with things; if she sees us tidying she has begun to help to put things into the boxes.

Do you think these are reasonable expectations and do your children help around the house?

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  1. Jane T
    4th February 2015 / 09:44

    Pairing coloured socks is great for learning colours and counting. My son (now age 3) also helps me cook where we talk about food, shapes, colours etc and he stirs when I need him to. He’s great with a duster too, dusting areas we low down such as chair and table legs. If he thinks he is helping, he is happy.

  2. lucy
    4th February 2015 / 15:53

    I find some of the ones for older children the strangest. 8 year old changing a lightbulb. 10year old deep cleaning kitchen.

    I can’t see that happening and I used to have a 10year old every weekend.

    My little ones put dirty washing etc away.

  3. 5th February 2015 / 08:54

    What next? Children will always love to help. Like Daniel, they enjoy helping, it pleases Mummy and Daddy so much! I reckon any chore the child wants to help with, of course safely do, will join in or copy. If they can’t join in, if the tools are there they will imitate. Good on you Daniel, it’s good fun!

  4. 5th February 2015 / 08:59

    Clever and helpful, gorgeous to boot, he is learning much more than setting the table. He can come and live with me.xx

  5. 5th February 2015 / 23:43

    I remember seeing this when Seb was younger and thinking how the expectations were in general pretty reasonable. Roll on a couple of years and my lovely helpful 2 year year old is replaced by a grumpy 4 year old who no longer sees helping us as fun!! Alex helps and does most on the list but for Seb it is no longer a fun game to copy us! I think a reward chart would probably get him more willing to help but I’m not sure how I feel about them :/

  6. 8th February 2015 / 07:59

    As a mum to two teenagers, I love the chores for 12 and over. Might start introducing them. Especially the wall painting one, my house needs decorating!

  7. 8th February 2015 / 09:23

    I think totally reasonable. My 2 year old loves to help, puts things in the dishes, scraps his plate in the bin and puts it in the dishes, clothes in the washing machine, likes to help carry the shopping into the house. I expect him to help now! And i think instilling when younger means they see it as second nature

  8. 8th February 2015 / 09:25

    I love that chart! N has only just turned 2 but hes got the hang of throwing stuff away and tidying his toys. love the humor in this post too

  9. 8th February 2015 / 10:34

    Zach loves helping us too! He is just over 2 and loves using the dustpan and brush and was helping to polish last weekend! He also helps us load/unload the washing machine and dishwasher (minus the sharp knives). Very helpful little boy 🙂 This chart is brilliant for other ideas he can help me with!! #sundaystars

  10. 9th February 2015 / 11:40

    Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. We’re lucky in that each of our kids is often keen to help out around the house. Having recently moved our boys to a new room and given them individual storage solutions for their clothes, they’re now responsible for putting them away in whatever configuration they see fit. And all three have a slightly weird affinity with dusting – not that I’m complaining!

  11. 11th February 2015 / 20:36

    This is fab. And totally reasonable. It’s good to give them duties they can be proud of. I think it’s good to let them help as a game, as they don’t really realise it’s a chore, then before you know it, they’ll be perfect little helpers around the house. I must start more with mine!!! Xxx

  12. 28th April 2015 / 08:02

    Very sueful list of ideas, our toddler loves to help us too, espcailly to lay the table and to help cook or bake. I think its so important to get them to help around the home

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