A Bird Like Himself – Anahita Teymorian

A Bird Like Himself – Anahita Teymorian

I was recently sent a copy of A Bird Like Himself from a new publisher called Tiny Owl.

Tiny Owl are an independent publishers whose aim is to take the ‘cream of the crop ‘of global children’s literature, both contemporary and old and bring it to an English speaking audience.

a bird like himself review

A Bird Like Himself is written by Anahita Teymorian. Anahita is an Iranian author and illustrator and her books have been published across the world. The illustrations are bold and quite unique in this book and different to most of the books that we read to the children.

When the book first arrived, Daniel wasn’t really interested (much to my disappointment!). Not wanting to push the book onto him, I left it in the book basket we have in the front room and the past week and a bit he has been bringing it to me to read. He, quite sweetly, say ‘read bird book please mummy’

I really like this book as it has a nice story to it and is easy to read. It touches on a few themes such as acceptance of difference, leaving home and parenthood.

As I mentioned above, the illustrations are quite different to those in his other books and Daniel likes to point out the different animals to me. The colours are lovely and vibrant which is always a winner with books for children.

a bird like himself review

I like this book and it’s proven a real winner with Daniel this past week, and even had the honour of being packed into his bag to take to my parents last week when we popped up for a few hours.

I really look forward to seeing what other books Tiny Owl bring to the UK market, they are one of many exciting picture book publishers that are emerging at the moment and I will be keeping a close eye on them.



  1. 21st April 2015 / 18:04

    That looks like such a cute book #toddlerapprovedtuesday

    • 28th April 2015 / 07:41

      it is, it really is. It is one that Daniel keeps bringing to me time and time again and one he often looks at himself x

  2. 26th April 2015 / 23:09

    Really like the look of this book, I think I might try and get a copy for T and look out for some more tiny owl books.

    Great review!

    Sorry my comments are so late this week, thanks for linking #toddlerapprovedtuesday xx

    • 28th April 2015 / 07:35

      It’s a lovely book – so simple but the detail of the illustrations are so rich. They have some lovely looking books and I can’t wait to see the other books they publish this year too xx

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