One Thousand Things & Colours

One Thousand Things & Colours

I’ve written before about my absolute love for the beautiful books from Wide Eye Editions. They are wonderful and I was thrilled when, just before we went away to Bluestone, two books arrived with us, One Thousand Things by Anna Kovecses and Colours by Aino-Maija Metsola.


wide eyed editions review

Colours is part of the ‘Learning Garden’ series and is a lovely sturdy board book, complete with rounded corners and lots of flaps for little hands to lift and explore. Daniel had great fun looking through this book and telling me all the things he could see. It’s great as a picture book for learning new words, as well as teaching colour.

The flaps are sturdy and I am sure they will stand up to toddler hands! I am always a bit wary of books with interactive elements like this as all too often the get damaged, but this one is looking fine still.

colours Aino-maija metsola reviewThere are seven colours to explore across the book. each page has 12 different items. My plan over the Easter break is to use this book to prompt Daniel to think about other things that match these colours. He is really engaged with the book so hope he enjoys the activity we do. I will share our progress on that in due course. He is already really confident on colours so I am sure he will enjoy the game I have planned.

The second book, One Thousand Things is another beautiful book.  It is super stylish and feels like a really classy book. The items are arranged by theme, so for example, seasons, in the home, jobs. What I love is that it poses questions to the reader, for example ‘what would you like to wear today?’, ‘what job do you want to do when you grow up?’. I can already see how I will use this with both Daniel and Emma as she begins to talk and learn new words I can also broaden Daniel’s language by asking him to think about these questions.

One thousand things Anna Kovecses review

The other little thing of note in this wonderful book is Mouse. Mouse appears on every page so it’s great fun to look for him. He appears bigger in some pages than in others and Daniel loved looking for him! We liked spotting mouse in the car and also waving from atop someone’s shoulders!


I have so many plans for how we will use this book over the coming years. It is just beautiful and gets away from some of the blander picture books that are on the market. The illustrations are simple and engaging and the questions across the book invite more conversation rather than merely telling me what every image is. Picture books are a staple of most children’s childhoods, and this is such a wonderfully stylish book that it is sure to be a hit across the family. It’s a riot of colour and bold imagery that will delight all readers I am sure. I have even sat and read it myself when the children have been in bed! There are not many picture books that have me doing that!


These books are truly stunning and I am hoping to add to my Wide Eyed collection later this year when the autumn books are published – some amazingly beautiful titles to look forward to. You can take a look here. I was going to choose a favourite, but I can’t! The Wonder Garden looks amazing and just beautiful but then I am also drawn to the new maps books too, having loved Atlas of Adventures! So much choice.



  1. 30th March 2015 / 09:34

    I love the look of these books, One Thousand Things looks especially good for teaching new vocabulary 🙂

  2. 30th March 2015 / 15:07

    looks superb

  3. 31st March 2015 / 14:32

    Oh the One Thousand Things books looks beautiful! I think we need that added to our collection!!!

    Thanks for sharing #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  4. 31st March 2015 / 18:40

    What beautiful books, I wish I’d have known about these when T was really small, might see if I can borrow from the library to see if he still appreciates them.

    Happy Easter and thanks for linking to #toddlerapprovedtuesday xx

  5. 1st April 2015 / 19:40

    These look so lovely. The colours and illustrations are so bold x

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