5 Books About the Natural World To Fall In Love With

5 Books About the Natural World To Fall In Love With

Over the last month or two, we have been very spoilt with some fabulous books arriving with us to review – including some beautiful books all about different aspects of the natural world which the children and I have fallen in love with.

I wanted to share out five favourites that we have been looking at over the last month.

We Build our Homes by Laura Knowles (Illustrated by Chris Madden) is a fantastic book. I have a soft spot for Laura’s work and am a big fan of her previous books, as well as the wonderful We Travel So Far that Chris Madden also illustrated. Chris lives in Manchester so of course, this means I am doubly interested in his work. We Build our Homes is a fantastic book that Emma has dipped in an out of to looks at the wonderful homes that the animals around us build.  With a double-page spread dedicated to each of the 26 featured creatures, it is a richly illustrated book that has piqued the children’s interest to learn more about the different types of creatures and their homes.

we build out homes book

Once Upon A Raindrop is aimed at ages 5-7 and is all about the water cycle. This is an area I intend to study in some depth with Daniel and Emma in the spring and this book will be key for us. It’s a poem that takes the reader to the very beginning of the origins of water all the way to the sea. It’s a very beautiful book and it’s perfect KS1 children.

once upon a raindrop book

The book is perfectly illustrated by Nomoco and it’s a very clever way of introducing poetry to children (we do our weekly poetry tea time and I intend to use this book to introduce the water cycle topic to the children in a month or so). The illustrations draw you in and the children enjoy tracing the journey along the pages.

once upon a raindrop book

Aimed at slightly older children (8+), The Moon is a beautiful, beautiful book and very detailed. The books we have had to date focus on the phases of the moon whereas this one also looks at the myths around the moon (for instance its links to fertility and birth) and discusses the facts and fiction that surround the moon. 2019 is, of course, the anniversary of the moon landing and this book would be a great addition to any studies.

Who are you calling weird? is the perfect book for inquisitive children – most children love reading about animals, and quirky and funny animals are lots of fun! Daniel and Emma are very taken with the proboscis monkey! This is a very colourful book and the illustrations bring these fabulously weird and wonderful creatures to life.

One final book we have been sharing is the very intriguing Ocean: A Visual Miscellany. I wasn’t sure how the children would take to this book as its style is very different and takes the form of infographics. The book is illustrated exclusively with blue, black and white drawings and is packed with all manner of facts about the oceans of the world. It’s a great book to leave out for the children to peruse as they wish.


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