Letts Education Spelling & Maths Workbooks

Letts Education Spelling & Maths Workbooks

I thought I’d share some workbooks that I picked up a month or two ago in Home Bargains that have proven really popular with Daniel.

We had a real issue with some basic maths ideas a few months back so I decided that we would take a back to basics approach with it. We put away the course books we had been working through on concentrated on some core skills for a while.

One evening, whilst Daniel and Emma were at Spanish I popped into Home Bargains and spotted some workbooks. They were only around £1 each so I picked some up. They had maths one and spelling ones. Daniel is really good at spelling and after a quick glance through, I decided to go for the age 7-8 book. For Maths, I chose age 6-7 (but also picked up 7-8 for later on).child writing in letts revision maths book

I wasn’t sure how receptive he would be to the books but the approach and characters really have worked for him and we have been able to do short focussed ‘lessons’ using these books and it’s shown me the areas hs is secure in, and those that we need to do a little more work on.

The spelling ones (the blue book) follows Wizard Whimstaff as he seeks to solve problems with his friends; the premise being that the child collects stars along the way to become a qualified English Wizard. Daniel really liked this storytelling aspect of it. Each double page spread takes different concepts and asks questions etc. There’s a ‘Wizard challenge’ halfway through and then again at the end, which helps to consolidate what they’ve already covered.

The Maths ones (the red books) also follow Wizard Whimstaff and the child is invited along to win the Trophy of Maths Wizardry. Like the spelling one, each double-page spread takes a different concept and there are wizard challenges halfway through, and at the end.

letts revision maths back

Daniel has so far completed the spelling book and the first of his maths books and they’ve been really successful for him. I’m not sure what age they go up to, but I’ll be looking out for them again to pick up for Emma as they’ve been a real hit with Daniel.

I’ve not been able to find these books online, but it’s always worth looking out in Home Bargains for them. If you know where I can buy them from – comment below as I’d love to get them for Em!


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  1. Jo
    6th January 2019 / 08:18

    I’m pretty sure that the book people sell a lot of Letts collections. Worth having a look maybe?

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