Wild Animals of the North – Dieter Braun

Wild Animals of the North – Dieter Braun

Regular readers might notice a theme to my favourite books – anything animal related is a winner here and I am thrilled to share the latest book to grace our bookcase – Wild Animals of the North.

Wild animals of the north by Dieter Braun is a visual treat - an encyclopedia of our wonderfully diverse natural habitats

It is a gem of a book and the children have loved sitting leafing through the pages taking a peek at the animals in the book.

The book is split into three regions, North America, Europe and Asia and the reader is taken on a journey through the vast lands. The books is a delight to leaf through and is a design masterpiece.

The matt pages and cubic type of drawings lends a very classy feel to this book. It is a weighty tome and it sits proudly on our bookcase next to my photographic journals of animals in the wild.

Wild Animals of the North

There are all kinds of animals, big and small, common and uncommon. They are wonderfully drawn by Dieter Braun and I’ve spotted Miss E running her fingers over the pages of her beloved big cats and bears.

The art work is sublime – it really is and the Guardian re-produced a range of the images here in their recent review. I don’t think there are many children and adults alike who will be able to resist dipping into this book.

wild animals of the north 2

I can’t wait for the follow up, Wild Animals of the South and am sure it will be as beautiful as this book – I’ve already cleared the space on the bookcase for it to nestle in beside this one.

I am already beginning to plan some activities for the children ahead of the arrival of our third child, and I’m going to plan some activities around this book. I’ve said that one of my topics will be the world and I think splitting into northern and southern hemispheres will work well, and I am sure that this book, and its dazzling array of animals will provide a key resource for us.

Flying Eye Books are truly superb and are much more than books, they are works of art to be enjoyed and admired and are most deserving of a space on any bookcase.

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  1. Pat
    27th April 2016 / 20:20

    That looks beautiful.

  2. 9th May 2016 / 06:07

    It does look like a gorgeous book – love the illustrations.

  3. 9th May 2016 / 18:48

    I’ve seen a few reviews of this book now and so many people love that little red panda! He’s my husband’s favourite too! #readwithme

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