What to Buy for Mum

What to Buy for Mum

It can sometimes be a bit tricky choosing what to buy for mum for Christmas, and Damian has it twice as hard as my birthday falls in December so he needs to sort gifts for that too.

This year, I’ve made lots of hints about the things I would like to receive and thought I’d share here, to give others a bit of inspiration.

Christmas gift ideas for mum

Top of the list for me is a homemade card. I always get the children to make cards for family members so a card made by the children that marks where they are up to in terms of their imagination and creativity is something I always cherish. Even Mr H is now able to scrawl across the card with his crayons and pencils.

Another gift idea that Damian has got me in the past is a personalised item of jewellery. The one I have has prints of Mr D’s hands and feet on and is a lovely item. Find me a gift has some wonderful personalised jewellery including this beautiful three rings necklace*. I love this item and it’s a lovely understated item and perfect for mums wanting to keep their children close. I think personalised items like this are really lovely and are perfect for Christmas time as it’s not the sort of gift I’d ever choose to buy for myself but would love to receive.

personalised necklace - three hoops with names engraved

How about a bit of a pamper session for mum? I know that I like to take a bit of time for myself, especially in the winter and I have been known to disappear for a bath mid-afternoon when Damian is around to take the children. I love the 7th Heaven range* and this pamper pack filled with all sorts of treats is the perfect gift. I have used this range on and off for many years now and happily, it is all cruelty-free (look out for the leaping bunny logo) so you can rest assured you’re using a caring product.

7th heaven pamper box

If you’re anything like me, then getting to drink all of a hot drink is nigh on impossible, so a Klean kanteen is a good thing to get mum. We have the sports bottle versions for the children, but the insulated ones are on my list of recommended products. They’re perfect for taking out on cold winter walks, or just for keeping a hot drink hot! I know it’s rare that I get to finish drinking a hot drink so at least this way I stand a good chance of getting to it when it’s still hot!

And, my final suggestion is a good, warm (and waterproof!) coat. I never spend money on these sorts of things for myself, always instead making sure the children have the right stuff and then by the time I sort myself out I don’t really need a cold weather coat. I’ve been testing out a jacket from the Technicals range at Blacks*. I love the colour of it – something bright to break up the dullness of winter and it’s well made and warm, protecting against the winter chills. I also like the GAP sherpa sweaters too underneath to add an extra layer for those extra cold days!

purple ladies technicals coat from Blacks

What are you gift suggestions for mum?



Please note items marked with * were sent to me for inclusion in this gift guide



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  1. 14th December 2017 / 12:25

    I like your idea of a Klean Kanteen for a hot drink and a waterproof jacket. It always seems to rain, just when you have to leave the house to do the school run!

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