The World is A Book…..

The World is A Book…..

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The world is a book, waiting for each new page and chapter to be discovered. As I write, I can hear the hailstones banging against the windows; it’s dark and cold and even the heat of the woodburner is struggling to make me feel warm today. I love the Autumn time, but winter, I can do without. It’s dark and cold and leaves me dreaming of warmer days and the promise of long days in the sun. January was always a time when Damian and I would plan a short city break and look to plan our longer holiday for later in the year.

Whilst I’ve never been a real sun seeker I do hold dreams of visiting some of the warmer parts of the world; Argentina Brazil and Costa Rica certainly are up there on the wish list – and had we not opted for an Australian honeymoon it would have instead been a trip around Central America, staying in lovely Costa Rica Rentals, travelling into Brazil and down into Argentina.

Don’t get me wrong, Australia was wonderful, but it was never top of my destination wish list. The world is like a book; waiting to be read and adventures discovered and stories made. I’m only partway through the story and the book won’t feel completed until we’ve been to Argentina and Brazil. It got me to thinking of some of the holidays I dream of, and where I’d love to take the children to.

Staying closer to home I’d love to travel a bit around Spain and Portugal. We visited Barcelona when I was pregnant with Mr D, and it was lovely and a really nice holiday away. I’d certainly love to head back there with the children and head into some of the smaller towns and villages, get a better feel for the country. We visited Portugal some 14 years ago now and went to a few places whilst there. Porto was beautiful and I just remember how relaxing it was to be there. I was showing the children some pictures of our trip there last week and they didn’t recognise Damian and me! It would be interesting to see how much it’s changed since we were there.

Aveiro in Portual. Image of a monument in town square

Central and South America and in particular Argentina has always held a real fascination for me. I don’t know why but it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to head to, and in the past have planned out month-long trips there. It’s unlikely to be a destination for us for some time now, but it’s a country I would love to visit with the children when they are older. I think it’s the contrast of the hustle and bustle and sheer heat of such huge cities like Buenos Aires with the cold and emptiness of Patagonia. I’d love the children to be able to experience a trip there at some stage.

Central America isn’t a place I know a huge about, but Costa Rica looks beautiful and I’m intrigued by the naturla environment there; I think it would be one of the ulitmate destinations for a family holiday in the future. Somewhere that would be a real wow moment for us all, and a really wonderful memory for the children.

Closer to home and I really would love to take the children on a long train ride. Damian and I once did the train journey from St Petersburg to Moscow and whilst it was odd in so many ways it was also a fab experience and one I’d love to repeat with the children; perhaps even taking the longer Trans-Siberian railway journey. Russia was a fabulous experience; in many many ways. It was, at times, uncomfortable but at the same time just breathtaking. Words cannot describe the awe and wonder of St Basil’s Cathedral, or the vastness of Red Square and the experience of walking across it, alone, to make your way to Lenin’s Mausoleum.  St Petersburg too, although it felt far more ‘European’ was full of amazing buildings and phenomenal history. I would love to take the children to see the beautiful Church of The Saviour on the Spilled Blood; it almost looks unreal as you happen across it. Truly amazing stuff.

Russian train at station

It’s easy though to forget how beautiful our own country is, and there are plenty of places I want to visit with the children closer to home. Scotland is high on the list. I’d love to take them up to Highlands and, in particular, take in some of the nature spotting opportunities. I remember as a child going to see the seals in Oban and just being mesmerised by them; it’s an experience I am keen for our three to have. They are ever more fascinated with animals so to be able to see the many varied animals and birds in their habitats would be a wonderful thing for them.

The North East of England is picturesque too, and I’d love to re-visit Durham and move up into Northumberland; there are many wonderful sights to see up there but the highlight would have to be the castles I think. I think the North East could be a destination for us this year as it would work well with the children’s interests in Castles and the general outdoors.

There are many, many places I want to visit, and I hope to be able to do some of this travelling with the children. I’ve never been one for beach holidays, preferring instead to take in other places and spaces. I started my post by saying the world is a book, and I’m only through chapter one so far – there’s a lot more for us to explore I hope.

Where are the countries you’d like to visit with your children?

the world is a book and each new chapter is waiting to be discovered. Read more about our family travel dreams


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