Letterbox Lab – Go with the Glow

Letterbox Lab – Go with the Glow

I must admit to being a bit tardy in getting this post up – so tardy in fact that our next box is sat waiting to be opened!

Box five was all about ‘Go with the Glow and it was lots of fun – I think this might be my favourite so far and the children really enjoyed it too.

There were four experiments in this box and I think the secret messages one was a real hit. This one looked at UV light and gave the children a real practical insight into how sun cream works to protect our skin. It was quite a powerful message for them to see it so clearly and it’s one to definitely repeat in the summer months when we need to remember to wear sun cream – surprisingly there’s not much call for suncream in Manchester in the winter!

lettterbox lab - children experimenting with UV pens to make secret messages

After we had had fun writing secret messages and showing them with the secret message pen we moved onto the ‘glow with the flow’ experiment. This was a really nice one to do, and whilst I don’t pretend to understand all the science around it, it certainly made sense as I worked through the guide with the children. And that’s what I really like about these Letterbox Lab kits – the explanations are written in a way that really helps me explain to the children what is happening and why.  We had fun with this one as we bounced the light off the sides of the test tube and created zig zags as well as spirals if we moved the torch in a certain way.

UV light experiment

The children’s favourite experiment was the third one which used UV beads – these change colour as UV light is shone and I am going to add the beads onto my keyring so we can see how they react in the sun – if we get any anytime soon! We will definitely revisit this in the summer months.

UV beads experiment

Finally the glow sticks experiment was a lot of fun and it certainly got the children thinking about the effects of the heat and the cold and we have a good discussion about how these things affect us – we decided on cold days that we feel like moving quite slowly – a bit like the chemicals in the colder glow stick.

Letterbox Lab box five was a superb box and we spent a good two hours on this one – it provoked a lot of conversation and discussion and both the children were really engaged with it and have talked about it a number of times since.


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