Searching For Answers with Stellar Palmistry

Searching For Answers with Stellar Palmistry

I’m not one to be hugely superstitious; I’m not a big believer in fate or karma and I’m not one who thinks about the great existential questions in life. However I do enjoy trying things out, things like clairvoyance type stuff, tarot cards and palm reading.

There’s a new palm reading app out called Stellar Palmistry and it promises to reveal your future. I am sure there are times when we’d all like to know what the future holds for us and this seemed like a fun thing to do one evening when I saw the app was available.

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I headed over to the android play store to download the app (IOS can download here)  and quickly set about playing with it. It’s super simple to set up and get a snap of your palm and once it has processed it gives you a whole host of information. I always take things like this with a pinch of salt but it did say a couple of things about me that are probably right and did make me smile:

  • I am not interested in ‘running with the pack and blindly accepting what others say without conducting my own investigations’/
  • I am rarely shy about disagreeing and sharing my own perspective.
  • I take care to look after myself and understand the importance of healthy living.

There are ways to expand the reading to cover much more (the free download reviews the life and head lines) and it’s thought-provoking and does give you cause to reflect on things, which is never a bad thing. Being mindful is proven to have a whole host of benefits.

If you’re interested in the zodiac (which I must admit I do sometimes sneak a peek at the horoscopes in the Sunday Papers) you can also have a daily horoscope which is always a bit of fun I think. Whilst I don’t take these things to heart, they can be a nice antidote to the seemingly endless stream of negative news each day that we seem to be bombarded with at the moment.

All in all I found the Palmistry HD app good fun and surprisingly thought-provoking; it made me reflect much more than I anticipated it would do. It would be great to do on a girls night in with a glass of wine, some nibbles and maybe even each taking a palm reading and the others guessing who the reading relates to; a good way to see just how accurate it is!

You can see more over on YouTube if you want to get a better feel for the app and how it works! Have fun and let me know how you found it.

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