The Broken Plate & the start of the terrible twos

The Broken Plate & the start of the terrible twos

Last weekend, a broken plate signified to me that Daniel is well and truly into the ‘terrible twos’ stage.

In the week he had been getting upset after his naps and literally screaming uncontrollably at me. Nothing can calm him down. I put a quick query out to twitter and lots of people responded saying their toddlers did the same and to ride it out.

Sunday morning, my husband was working from home and so Daniel and I were having breakfast together.

Breakfast is usually a strange meal… all about enjoying the morning chatter with Daniel, but making sure Emma doesn’t get overly hungry (if I miss her cues) and getting her down for her morning nap.

Last Sunday, Daniel was, frankly, in a foul mood. He was screaming, throwing things and stomping about. I did his breakfast and nipped upstairs with a drink for Damian… we heard a crash and when I went down Daniel had thrown his plate on the floor, smashing it in the process (and damaging the flooring).

I had to put him back in his cot whilst I sorted Emma out and calmed myself down. I was so annoyed with him.

Half an hour later after settling Emma for her nap and going back to Daniel, we had a chat and he was much calmer and finally ate his breakfast, but his horrible frustrated behaviour continued on throughout the day…

The day was awful and once both children were in bed I took myself off for a walk and ended up in a local pub with a glass of wine and a book to read. A perfect way to clear my head and relax.

A friend on  instagram said something that really struck a chord and that was that his frustrations and anger and tantrums were as frightening and bewildering for him as they are for me… so hug him close and (try!) to be be patient with him.

Thankfully he woke in a much brighter mood on Monday and we have had a lovely week…. although I know those frustrations, tears and tantrums will come again soon.

How do you deal with the terrible twos?


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