Summer Sun Fun

Summer Sun Fun

We have been enjoying the appearance of the sun these past few days. We won’t be having a summer holiday as such, having had a week away in March and Daniel still likes to talk about out holiday and our trip to the beach in Tenby and the fact that we saw lots of diggers whilst we were away.

It can be hard to try and keep the children in the shade, or at least still and not running around in the heat so I have been bringing the tuff spot out in the garden. The kids have had great fun using it to play with playdoh, painting or just gathering stones and leaves onto it.

Whilst Emma was napping one day the week before last I wanted to get some tidying up of the garden done, chopping back a few bits and pieces so I brought out the Usborne Holiday Sticker and Colouring Book for Daniel to have a go at.

Usborne Holiday Sticker BookDaniel really enjoyed doing this, and it’s lovely as he is now able to tell me the things he can spot and I can give him some simple instructions about where the stickers should go, eg: the cars on the road etc.

He had a lovely time doing these stickers and it was good as it meant he sat still – perfect when the weather is on the hotter side as he does tend to get overly warm if he is running around (as young children like to do!)


I really rate the Usborne sticker books as there is so much going on for children of all ages to engage with. When Emma woke up she enjoyed sticking some of the stickers in too as Daniel guided her as to where he thought they should go.


stickers 3

I always ask for these books for the children’s birthdays and Christmas’ gifts as they are handy to have to hand and also have lots of early learning things in them too. This one is good as half of it is a sticker book following the characters as they prepare for their holiday and then the activities they do, the second half is for colouring in their adventures.


I was sent a copy of this sticker and colouring book in exchange for a review. All words, opinions and images are my own.



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