Six Weeks of Summer

The end of this weeks marks the beginning of the school summer holidays here (late I think given that certainly other areas in Manchester have already broken up).

The summer holidays for us means the end of the playgroups, and with it some of the ‘outside the home’ activities that we do regularly. I have a plan of things I want to do with the children over the break, they aren’t grand plans but just a little focus for things to do.

Damian is off this week so we plan to go to the beach (although I’m not sure the weather is going to be too kind to us!) I then intend to follow this up next week with some reading and some activities about the beach and the sea.

I hope that the weather stays nice so we can have plenty of trips to the park – it’s much more fun now that Emma is walking and chasing after Daniel. I also want to go to the Room on the Broom trail in Wakefield (I seem to be perpetually saying this!).

Another on my list is a trip to Knutsford and Tatton Park as well as a day at the Gruffalo trail in Lyme Park. All things local to us.

I expect we will have another day at the runway viewing site too which Daniel really enjoys and I hope to squeeze in a trip to the Transport Museum to tie in with our learning theme of ‘things that go’.

I’m also toying with the idea of heading over to York and the Railway museum, but that might be a day trip when Damian is off again at the end of August (I need to research train prices).

I also want to continue my running training and by the end of the summer I want to be edging closer to running around 18km. I think this is achievable as I’ve had a new boost of confidence following my 10km run recently and last week I ran over 23 miles across the week so my fitness is improving markedly. I also want to read at least one book (I just never seem to get chance to finish anything) and complete the Peter Rabbit cross stitch I have been working on for Daniel’s room. I want to start another one for Emma that I have had for a while now – hopefully that will be my winter project in time for Christmas for her. We will see though.

I’m looking forward to the summer break – just hope the weather doesn’t let me down! What are you summer plans?



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