Snail’s Legs – Damian Harvey & Korky Paul

Snail’s Legs – Damian Harvey & Korky Paul

As I wrote a week or so ago, Daniel is a little bit snail obsessed at the moment! I thought I’d managed to hunt out the snail related books, but I was thrilled when I was sent a copy of Snail’s Legs to read with the children.

The age guide for this is 8+ but Daniel really enjoyed it and he’s had both Damian and read it to him a good few times in the week or so we have had it.

snails legs review

It’s quite a dark book but tells the story of frog and snail who are good friends. The King’s chef arrives and is searching for the strongest legs. Snail and Frog argue over who has the strongest so decide to race in order to prove who has the best legs.

Snail could easily win as frog is old now and slow, but he decides to let his old friend win. So… declared the winner frog is taken by the chef for the King’s special meal…..

It’s never explicitly said what DOES happen to frog and his legs but I am sure we can all work it out! It’s funny and well told and interspersed with lovely images.

Daniel really does enjoy this book and it’s a good way to think about how the snail got his shell. (and why he doesn’t have legs!)

This is probably a good book for children a little older and I think the guide of 8+ is probably accurate, but if like me you have a toddler who just devours books then I am sure it will hold their attention too.



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