4 / 52

4 / 52

Gosh – how fast January seems to have gone! I always find this is a month that I struggle with; it’s a time to get back into routines and it’s a natural point in time to think about the plans for the year ahead.

This week for us has been about thinking when we might go on holiday this year, as well as putting some plans in place for the work to do in the house – we need to do some work in the bathroom, repaint our bedroom and repaint the living room this year. We also need to replace a window and, we might actually, end up doing all the windows, dependent upon the cost of doing so.

This week seems to have zoomed by!

What I have read

If we’re not married by thirty has now been finished, so that can go back to the library next week. It was a good book and easy to read. I’m not going to make a real effort to get through my box of books to read. I wrote last week how I had been sorting out my wardrobe and next up I think I will do my books. I plan to download a couple from the library audio books and maybe listen to them when I am at the gym or out on my long runs.

I’ve not decided on my next book yet, I’ll probably finish the Robert Peston book that I am about two-thirds of the way through before going back to the fiction.

Total books read this month: 3

Where we have been

This week has been a really fun week. It started with a trip to the park on Sunday, the five of us, looking for painted rocks and getting some fresh air. On Monday the children and I had our youngest cat at the vet for his annual check then met with a friend for a stomp around a localish country park. It was great fun and very muddy!

Daniel had his Beavers meeting and then on Thursday evening the oldest two and Damian and I went to the Royal Northern College of music to watch a performance of the Nutcracker. It was superb and I hope the children enjoyed it. Harry had an afternoon and evening with his grandparents, and I am reliably informed that he spent some of that time snoozing! Something he never does for me!

On Friday afternoon we went to a friend’s house for a Burns Night Celebration. It was fantastic and I am so thankful to have such wonderful (and generous) friends who take the time to organise such events.

Next week promises to be just as exciting with days out planned for all three children as well as having friends around to us for our regular speaking and listening group.

Miles Run

This week has been another great week running wise. I am really enjoying running, and whilst I don’t get to run as much as I’d like I’m managing two short runs and one long run a week which is great. I’m almost at my 50-mile target and am sure I’ll have that ticked off by Sunday.

This week I managed a long run on Sunday of just over 7.5 miles which I was thrilled with as well as a shorter run on Monday as I dropped Daniel off at Beavers. I also managed to attend the park run again – managing to get sub 30 minutes. I was close to my 50-mile monthly target so this evening I headed for a run to tick off that challenge.

Miles Completed this week: 16.9

Miles completed this month: 51.44

Miles left to target: 0

I have also signed up for the February Race at Your Pace event, setting myself a target of 50 miles again. I think this will be more challenging given there are fewer days but there is the same number of weekends which is when I like to get the long runs in. It does, however, look likely that I will miss a few of the park runs in February due to Damian being away so I hope that I can recover those in the week.


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