Review : The Mumsnet Book of Animal Stories

Review : The Mumsnet Book of Animal Stories

I was thrilled to be one of ten bloggers chosen by Mumsnet to review their new book, the Mumsnet Book of Animal Stories.

Cover of Mumsnet book of animal stories

The book of animal stories is a collection of ten storie written my users of Mumsnet and gransnet. The result is a simply beautiful book.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I applied, and when it arrived I realised that it is too old really for my children (almost two years old and 8 months old). I added it onto the bookshelf and was pleased that Daniel took an interest in it; no doubt due to the vibrant and very pretty illustrations.

We sat and talked about the pictures together; the text is too dense really to read to him at the moment but we talked about the animals and what we thought they might be doing.

He really seemed to like The Hedgehog Who Wouldn’t Sleep; probably due to the fact that we have talked a lot about the animals included in this story (squirrels, hedgehogs, badger) so he could tell me things about them. He has stopped to look at the pages of this story a good few times and told me about the animals.

What I really enjoyed about this book was the variety of voices and the different style of illustrations. I am sure parents and children alike will find their own favourite stories in the book.

Hedgehog who wouldn't sleep

I have had a read through myself and I think my favourite one is The Great Meerkat Escape. In my head I was already making voices for the different Meerkats!

The book is aimed at children seven years and under; and I think that is probably about right. Daniel enjoyed looking at the pictures, but the stories at the moment are too long for him to fully engage in. However I can see this being a bedtime book that we work through, story by story, over the next year or two.

It is a beautiful book to gift to someone, and I am thrilled that it is now an addition to our home library.

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  1. 20th October 2014 / 08:14

    What a sweet looking book! I really love it when little one’s take an interest in books.

  2. pollymixtures
    12th November 2014 / 19:55

    I hadn’t heard about this, I’ll be checking it out. Is it only available to order online? X

  3. 12th November 2014 / 20:02

    We really enjoyed this book, such a lovely collection of stories, I think the illustrations really made it. thanks so much for linking up with #readwithme x

    • 12th November 2014 / 20:17

      they did, I loved how varied it was throughout x

  4. 12th November 2014 / 23:51

    I love the illustrations in this book, they really draw you in!

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