Snugi Wraps Stretchy Wrap

Snugi Wraps Stretchy Wrap

I am a big fan of babywearing, and I think in some early posts following Miss E’s arrival I wrote how the Moby wrap would become my best friend as Miss E was a baby that didn’t like to be put down. Little did I know that my beloved Moby would be replaced with a Snugi Wrap.

Before Mr D arrived I ordered a Moby wrap – I didn’t know a huge amount about ‘baby wearing’ but it seemed like a sensible thing; and a million times easier than getting the pram out each time we left the house. Moby was a name that kept coming up, and they had good reviews on Amazon.

review of the stretchy wrap from SnugiWrap - perfect for babywearing a newborn

I used the Moby with him until he was around six months, and switched to a buckled carrier (Ergo baby) which I used until I was around seven months pregnant. I intended to use the Moby with Miss E but when Steph at SnugiWraps offered me a chance to try one of their stretchy wraps I couldn’t wait to give it a go.

Let me say now, I LOVE my Moby wrap. I used it all the time with Mr D and prior to the SnugiWrap ariving, It was in pretty much constant use with Miss E too.

I was asked to choose which colour wrap I would like, and I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the choices on offer. With the Moby, I opted for grey as it was much cheaper than a brightly coloured one. I’m pleased to say that all the SnugiWraps are the same price. I opted for the purple one.

Snugi wrap stretchy wrap reviewIt arrived promptly and I have to say I was a little unsure of it when it first arrived. Stretchy wraps, by their very nature are stretchy pieces of material, however the Moby that I had been so used to was more a jersey type material, and the Snugiwrap felt a little flimsier, so I was unsure how it would hold and support Miss E, and how comfortable it would be when worn for a prolonged period.

But, I tried it and I’ll admit, the first time I wrapped it it was far too loose. Miss E was only around 5/6 weeks so not really a wriggly baby but a quick walk around the house and she was working loose and slipping down my torso. So, the second time I spent a little longer wrapping it and made sure it was super tight.

Miss E was having a bad day and wanted to be held so I wrapped her and did the ironing whilst she slept against me for a good hour or so. Even after doing a mountain of ironing and taking it upstairs etc, she was still very firmly in place.

The next big test was the 1.5 mile walk to Baby Sensory, this is up hills etc and is a reasonably strenuous walk. I wasn’t convinced the Snugiwrap would last the distance without needing to be re-tied. However it did. And even better, I wasn’t hot and sticky like I sometimes found when using the moby. Because the SnugiWrap uses a lighter weight fabric it keeps the wearer much cooler.

Today I have done the same walk (there and back) and I didn’t need to tighten or re-tie the wrap once. Just took Miss E out when we got to Baby sensory, and put her back in when we left. With the moby I would have had to re-tie and at least retighten it.

snugiwrap review


I can’t speak highly enough about these wraps. The only downside I can say about them is that the instruction leaflet that came with them would have been very daunting had I never used a stretchy wrap before; it was all text and would really benefit from some pictures to guide a first time user. That said I have noticed that there are some really helpful videos on the website now which make it really easy to follow.

The wrap does need tieing much more tightly than other stretchy wraps, but I can honestly say that it is a much comfier wrap to wear than my Moby and is my go to wrap now – it it hung up at the front door and the Moby is relegated to the loft.

What’s more, it is an absolute bargain at just £20 – so much so that if we have another baby I will treat myself to another colour – there is a great range to choose from.

Stretchy wraps are brilliant, and there are so many benefits to baby wearing; not least the convenience. the pictures dotted throughout this post are mostly taken from my nieces birthday party; Miss E had had her first round of immunisations two days earlier and was really under the weather. We needed her to sleep and she spent the entire party (a good couple of hours) snuggled up next to me. Perfect.

I was sent a SnugiWrap in exchange for a fair and honest review. All words and opinions are my own.Save




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