The Herd of Sheffield

The Herd of Sheffield

Today we headed across the Woodhead Pass to Sheffield to see the Herd of Sheffield. Despite not being that far away mileage wise, Sheffield isn’t a city I’m overly familiar with. My Dad spent many, many years working there so it wasn’t somewhere we went to when he wasn’t working.

We only gained a snap shot of the city today, but what we did see I really liked and it’s a city I am keen to head back to soon to explore in more depth.

herd of sheffield

But, back to the reason for our visit. I had heard about the Herd of Sheffield and when I saw Emma’s post last week I knew we would have to pop over this week whilst Damian is on leave..

Essentially the Herd of Sheffield is a collection of elephant statues that are situated all across the city. They have been decorated by a range of people and groups and there are over 50 large ones and over 70 smaller ones.

herd of sheffield is a fabulous city wide art exhibition

We parked in a park and ride and took the tram into the city, much to the children’s delight. I think it was £4.50 for the park and ride (which included the driver’s day ticket for the tram) and £3.90 for another adult day ticket for the tram network. We spotted a couple of the elephants from the tram and soon spotted our first one when we got off the tram in the shopping area of the city.

I had downloaded the Herd of Sheffield app for my (android) phone and at each elephant there is a QR code to snap. Once snapped it marks the elephant as found. You can then search the map to show those that you have located and those still to find – this was really useful as we narrowed our search down to concentrate on areas where we would see a few.

Neither Damian or I are familiar with Sheffield so we did rely on this map quite a bit to help us locate the elephants and I’m pleased to say we did find 56 elephants as well as spotting another two from the tram. The children loved this a lot and took great delight in spotting the elephants and running up to them. My favourite was the Fairytale one located outside the Cathedral and the Jungle Jim one. Damian liked the large elephant at the Crucible and the children just liked them all!

herd of Sheffield 2016

We didn’t manage to get to see Elmer as by the time I worked out where he was it was too far for us to walk to as both Miss E and Mr D were beginning to flag a little; to be fair they must have covered a few miles and both Damian and I had achey feet so they must have been pretty tired too.

Sheffield Catherdral

The Herd of Sheffield is on show until October 5th and once the event is over they will be auctioned to raise money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital. I plan to head back there with the children to try and find some more, as well as locating Elmer.

herd of sheffield

We were lucky today that the weather was bright and dry; we were able to enjoy our picnic in the beautiful Peace Gardens watching the fountains before heading off towards the University area and then the train station. We stopped for a coffee break at a lovely little cafe called Fusion Cafe before heading back into the centre to get the tram. We had a short detour via John Lewis as Miss E needed the loo so Mr D, Mr H and I spotted some more elephants and the Women of Steel statue before finding Damian and Miss E and heading back to the park and ride on the tram.

I hope we can manage to squeeze another visit in before the herd goes in early October – I’ll be sure to share an update if we do.





  1. 22nd September 2016 / 05:49

    great day out by the sound of it

  2. 22nd September 2016 / 10:32

    I love Sheffield, it’s a beautiful city and I really want to get across to see the herd but not sure if I’ll manage it before it finishes. I’ve really enjoyed looking at your pics though!

    • 22nd September 2016 / 18:35

      aww thank you, I hope you manage to get time to pop over – we had a lovely day.

  3. 3rd October 2016 / 19:40

    Sheffield’s not far for us so I’ve been a few times. I love that they are selling these off after for charity that’s a really love idea. Looks like a fun trip #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

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