A Pirate Sensory Bin

A Pirate Sensory Bin

I’ve shared a couple of pirate posts this past week, and at the start of the week I set up a pirate’s treasure hunt ending with a pirate sensory bin for the children. I’m keen to work on Miss E’s letter recognition and Mr D is showing the signs of wanting to start to read so I wanted to do some things on that with him.

I drew a very quick treasure map, set up some pirate clothes and created a trunk of treasure for them to hunt through.

Peg Leg Pete was found, much to their delight, once we had got ready for the day. He was holding a clue and the treasure map. (I used this resource from twinkl to make Peg Leg Pete).

pirate treasure hunt

The children had so much fun dressing up and playing in their pirate ships from last week. They set about working out the clues and were delighted when they went to ‘snack shack sand’s AKA the Kitchen for a pirate biscuit before heading off the locate the treasure chest.

The treasure chest is an old case that I’ve written about before. I don’t get it out often for the as I don’t want it to get damaged but when I do it always goes down well. Mr D was really excited and their eyes lit up when they spotted the treasures. Inside the case I included feathers, alphabet magnets, buttons, craft gems, wooden letters, and all sorts of crafts bits and pieces.

I had also created some words using the twinkl creates and twinkl font and left these out. The idea being that the children found the letters to spell out the words. I included both the children’s names, Mummy, Daddy, Monkey and Lion and a few others. Mr D was able to recognise his name and Miss E’s and was able to work out the other names as we sounded out the letters and sounds.

pirate sensory bin

The children set about digging around for the various letters for their names. They’ve dipped into this activity a few times each day this week (each time dressed in their pirate outfits) and it’s been nice to see them trying to find the letters for the various names.

idea for a pirate sensory bin - lots of ideas to suit different ages



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