Our Summer Reading Pile

Our Summer Reading Pile

It feels like a long time since I updated on our favourite recent non-fiction reads. It’s not that we haven’t been reading, we have, and Daniel consumes and reads books endlessly – I’m thankful we have a healthy supply to keep him going. He doesn’t yet venture much into chapter books, instead preferring the bright pages of the picture books we have, which is fine by me. I find myself reading aloud to them less and less at the moment. In part because of the summer sun, but also because Daniel doesn’t need me to now. Emma will often ask him to read to her which means I am not quite as needed as I once was.

That said, we are of course enjoying books very much and I am making a more concerted effort to read aloud to Harry much more. His speech is a little behind where it might ideally be. I am not, at the moment, hugely concerned about it, but we do need to help him more and I think reading has a key role to play in that.

So, on to the books that have been favourites here this month.

Daniel’s Book Pile

Daniel is really into his football books at the moment, but some that I have spotted him reading include the very funny Octopants which tells the story of an octopus on the hunt for pants… but is that what he really needs? I like reading this one and it was a firm favourite on our recent hoilday. It’s funny and one that has all three children giggling away. He’s also been enjoying a rather throught provoking book called Blue Monster Wants It All. This is a really well written book and one that reminds you about just what’s important in life.

Finally, Daniel has been enjoying What Does an Anteater Eat? A rather funny book with a surprising answer in! It never fails to make him giggle this book and the bright colours and funny illustrations make it a real winner with him.

Emma’s Book Pile

It’s nice to see the older two developing their own prefernces in terms of books, and there are some that Emma enjoys more than Daniel. She’s really enjoyed Rosa Draws and Audrey the Amazing Inventor recently. I am not sure what it is about these two books that have drawn her in, but she’s definitely enjoyed them more than Daniel. Audrey also, subtly introduces the character in the context of a single parent family which makes for a change from the usual family set ups we see in books.  Rosa Draws is a book that is funny and I think probably speaks to Emma as she often doodles away creating all manner of things which it does take some imagination to see!

Emma has also really been enjoying a book called The Diver. This is a book about following dreams and I really like it. It has a gentle colour pallette and tells the story or Emma, and her penny, both with a dream. I love this book and it feel like a hopeful book with a good strong message and it’s one that I’m glad Emma enjoys.

Harry’s Favourites

Harry has really been enjoying his books and he has loved reading the beautiful book, The Night Dragon. This book is just stunning and I think it is the illustrations that first captured his eye, as well as the little mouse to spot on each page. I’ve enjoyed sitting with him reading this book on so many occasions now.  Lift the flap books are also proving to be endlessly popular with him and we have been enjoying two from Nosy Crow and the National Trust, Who’s Hiding on the Farm and Who’s Hiding on the River. Both of these books are lovely and have lots of little flaps to discover.



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