Our Home Education in May

Our Home Education in May

It seems strange to be nearing the end of the academic year; as I write this children are off school enjoying a break and when they return it will be the final stretch before the longer summer break.

May has been a busy month and it has made me reflect that we really do need to pull back some time from somewhere in our week. I’m not too sure where that somewhere is right now, but I think over the coming weeks and months we will try and claw back some time, especially now Harry is able to get more involved with the older two.


May has felt like a good month and we are moving things into a slightly more formal way now with Daniel, ahead of the autumn and Em, in turn, is joining in with some of this more structured approach too. I’ve got ideas of things I want to use in the autumn and I think the coming months will see us slow down a bit on just enjoy the better weather together.

May has been a big month for Daniel with his reading – he has now got much more fluid and much more confident – he can pick up anything and read it now (although his comprehension isn’t quite as good!) We are enjoying longer chapter books together and I’m enjoying his new found confidence with reading.

Emma continues to enjoy working through her ‘maths’ books which concentrates on some basic maths principles. We have also continued working with Daniel on his Maths No Problem books. I plan to start Emma on these books in the autumn and see how she gets on with them. Daniel hit a bit of a blocker on subtraction within 20, so we did a lot of work on number bonds and I think we will revisit this again in June.

We have been working our way through the Sassafras zoology guide and have made butter, drawn sunrises and made honey biscuits. I really like this curriculum and I think it’s one we will really run with it in the autumn and winter and I think it will form a large portion of our Home Education in the coming year.

We have also been really enjoying the History and Geography class we have been going to. This is based on the Classical Conversations curriculum and it’s something that really works for Daniel and Emma. We have covered the Roman Empire, the seven wonders of the ancient world, Buddhism and Hinduism. We have covered the Geography element previously so this has been a good refresher for us.

We have had lots of fun playing outside in the better weather, and have really been working at swimming and I’ve noticed real improvements for both Daniel and Emma here.

Crafting seems to have become a big thing for Daniel this month; he has had fun with various Egg Box crafts as well as getting busy with Lego and making zip lines.


They enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding and are now busy preparing for the World Cup, which I think will be a big feature for us in the coming weeks.

Other things we have done include some formal handwriting practice; we use a combination of things for this and I think I’ll share more about this in a post soon. We have also been busy with gymnastics and football classes as well as attending meet ups with friends.

May has been a really busy month and I hope that June and July take a bit of a slower pace for us – I’m going to scale back some of the things we go to so we can enjoy the good weather and hope to get out for a few long walks with them next week as our local schools go back.


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