Brick Building 101 – Inspiring Young Minds

Brick Building 101 – Inspiring Young Minds

As we are so very fortunate to have a steady stream of new books, the children know to leave the books on the ‘white box’ in our living room, which doubles as my ‘to review’ pile. However, one book arrived that I didn’t even get chance to look at; only spotting the press release left there instead.

I’ve written before about Daniel’s reading, and things have certainly developed to the next step; we can now enjoy simple chapter books and his understanding and comprehension of what he is reading is improving every day.

The first I saw of Brick Building 101 was when I heard shouts of ‘Mum, so we have any rope’ as I was getting out of the shower. I was a bit confused so said I could probably find some if he could explain what it was for. He then showed me the book and told me he had already sorted out what he needed for the zip wire, but we just needed to find some rope.

He had read the instructions and from there had made his own car for the zip wire complete with rider. We found some thick string and he identified the best place to use – across the bannisters at the top of the stairs. We tied it up and set it off. He was so pleased with himself and told me that ‘if you wanted to make it go slower mummy, we just put the ends more at the same level’. I don’t know if he read this, or worked it out himself, but either way, he was able to then put this theory into practice, and explain it to his younger sister a little later on.

The zip wire later morphed into a cable car and he soon got the hang of moving the ‘cables’ to make the car move.

The next task was to make a catapult – he found the various bits of lego he needed and spent a bit of time searching for something to catapult – a pom pom – and he made it up. This took a few attempts but he got there in the end and he has had a go at making different size catapults to see which makes the pom pom catapult the furthest.

This book has been a huge hit, and he has already earmarked a couple more he wants to try and do too. It’s a great hands-on book that is clearly illustrated and written in a way that young children can really get to grips with and understand – Daniel is just five and the fact that he can pick it up and get on with the activities and understand them is really testament to the superb work the author, Courtney Sanchez, has put into it.

If you’ve got a Lego fan then I can wholeheartedly recommend this fabulous book.


I was sent a copy of this book by the publisher.


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