Looking Ahead to a Family Break

Looking Ahead to a Family Break

We are at the stage in the year when I am ready for some time away. Time away from the jobs that need doing at home, time away from the usual routines and time for just the five of us to spend time together.

This year we are heading north of the border with the children. I love Scotland and it’s a place I’ve been to a few times. Damian’s dad is Scottish so it’s important the children know this part of their heritage, but I must confess I am not looking forward to the long car journey.

We plan to take a few activities in the car to keep them occupied, and I am sure that the younger two will sleep a good chunk of the journey. I think the changing landscape as we get further up the M6 and into Cumbria will keep Daniel interested – he is sure to notice the wind turbines and the land as it opens up. And of course, once we are into Scotland they’ll notice the fabulous scenery as we drive on through to our home for the week.

Whilst road trips can be boring it does offer an opportunity to view the world through the eyes of the children. The last time we travelled to Scotland Daniel was only six or seven months old and I was just newly pregnant with Em. We have talked about the things we did on our last visit there, but of course, Daniel doesn’t recall them. This time around both him and Em are so much more aware and of course are excited about the trip away.

They’ve told me to get the important things sorted – the books about Scotland, making sure we have their clothes packed, sweets for the journey and making sure we have the car sorted out – a recurring problem with a front tyre has been a big feature for them recently and took up much of Damian’s last spell of time off from work – they’re keen to avoid the next holiday being taken up with tyres! I’ve assured them though that the tyre is now well and truly sorted (thanks to TyrePlus) and it’ll be just making sure we have a full tank of petrol that we need to sort!

I remember some of the road trips we did as children and it’s always the soundtrack that sticks in my mind – there were a couple of ‘mixed tapes’ that my dad made up and even now certain songs remind me of waiting to board a ferry, or sitting in the car as we passed unfamiliar scenery.


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