Getting Children Involved in Home Decor

Getting Children Involved in Home Decor


From the hazards of stepladders to the risks that paint and equipment can present, DIY projects and home decoration may seem like two of the least child-friendly activities. However, it does not have to be this way. When you get your children involved in some parts of the home decor process, they feel like they have a stake in the look of your home and can enjoy some family fun at the same time. Whether you are installing shutters or blinds from DIY shutters, or repainting a main room of your home, there are plenty of ways that your children can assist with design decisions or help you clean up. Here are some top tips on how to let the children in on your DIY plans in a safe and fun way.

Ideas and designs

If you are planning to redecorate, then make the effort to let your kids take part in the ideas stage of the process. Most children love arts and crafts, so you can help them develop their creative skills by asking them which paint samples they prefer or even encouraging them to draw how their new bedroom, bathroom or kitchen might look once it is all finished. This is great fun for your kids, of course, but it also serves as a handy distraction if you are busy with the job in hand.

Safety first

DIY projects should always take place in a safe and secure manner, especially if children are involved. The last thing that you want is to risk one of your kids playing with dangerous tools such as hammers and drills. It may be wise to arrange childcare while you do the actual work. When your children return home after you have completed your tasks, you can have fun revealing the new decor and letting them take pictures of their design ideas come to life.

Cleaning up

If you have older children living with you at home, then you can ask them to lend a hand when it comes to the cleaning-up process. By the age of about 11, kids are usually savvy enough to know what is safe to play with and what is not. Consider asking them to do some hoovering, sweeping or recycling, as this not only takes some of the strain off you but also gives the children a chance to learn key life skills, including how to run a household in a safe environment.

Having the kids involved in DIY tasks and home decoration may seem like the stuff of nightmares to some parents. However, if you choose wisely when it comes to assigning decorating jobs to your kids, you can make the most of your family’s enthusiasm without causing too much trouble. Whether you let the kids feel involved through using their burgeoning creative skills to design a picture of a new room or they actually lend a hand with cleaning up, there are plenty of safe and appropriate ways for all members of the family to contribute something to the home decorating task list.

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