How we use the Sassafras Guide to Zoology

How we use the Sassafras Guide to Zoology

I’ll readily admit that I like having a structure to our days and having things to work through. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I have a timetable of things we *have* to do at any given point, more I like having something pre-prepared that I can pick up and just run with.

My friend Emma, mentioned that she had been looking into the Sassafras Science stuff and when she explained it all, it sounded really interesting. I headed over to Amazon to order the book and then to the Sassafras website to have a look in more detail.

The book itself is nice to read and teaches all about different habitats and four creatures that live there. There is an accompanying guidebook and other bits and pieces which the children fill in. As well as the storybook, we have the Guide to Zoology, SCIDAT logbook, colouring pages and lapbooking guide.

Initially, I printed off the first four sections of the Guide To Zoology and had a read through. I printed off the colouring pages that I thought might appeal to the children from the first location (the African Grasslands) and also the logbook and lapbooking bits.

We read the book in sections as suggested in the guide, and completed the various bits and pieces as we went along. I did find that the lapbooking and logbook were a bit repetitive so we have now stopped doing the lapbooking and instead just completed the SCIDAT logbook items.

What I like about this set is that it’s really logically presented and with a consistent approach to it. You can make it more complex for older children and more basic for younger children. Both D and E are really enjoying this, and we dip in and out of it each week. There are lots of suggestions for other activities to do such as experiments or arts and crafts and I have added in a few of my own too (such as our desert sunset picture)

We have so far completed the African Grasslands and The Egyptian Desert and have now just started the Canadian Farm chapter.

I have made a short video to outline how we organise our Sassafras work – I thought it might be useful for others thinking of how it might work in their home school / home education setup, mostly because I was a bit overwhelmed by how I would make this work for us initially. Do take a quick look below and I’m happy to help with any queries anyone might have.

The Sassafras Science is really working for us and is quite an enjoyable approach to science. I can see the children are learning from it and able to put what they’re learning to use too.




  1. 15th May 2018 / 18:01

    Thank you for taking the time to make the video, very helpful, had been dithering about whether to get or not, now own a copy and looking forward to using it and reading how you use it too.

  2. Mel
    29th June 2018 / 21:55

    Hi. I found your page really helpful , thanks. I notice you said you printed off the guide to zoology and logbook but I can only find the hard copy on the Sassafras website. Where did you get yours?

    • Mel
      29th June 2018 / 22:01

      Sorry, ignore me. My husband managed to find it!

      • 29th June 2018 / 22:07

        I’m glad you found it and I hope you enjoy as much as we do x

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