Getting Ready for the World Cup

Getting Ready for the World Cup

Living, as we do, in Manchester, football is pretty hard to escape given we are home to the current Premier League Champions, Manchester City.

Sadly, despite being an actual Mancunian, growing up with a Manchester postcode and sounding most definitely like a Mancunian, something went awry in my husband’s childhood and he ended up supporting a team from outside of the city in Trafford.

Thankfully, our eldest is showing a preference for the true Manchester team and, in recent weeks, has become increasingly interested in all things football having been keen to see the blue team lift the trophy and cheered in glee last week when the ‘red team’ failed to beat Chelsea in the FA Cup final. It’s no surprise that both Daniel and Em are excited about the World Cup and are looking forward to it starting next month.

We have been busy this last week talking about the World Cup and thinking about which teams we might like to see do well and we have also been learning about the hosts, Russia.

A few weeks ago Daniel enjoyed taking a look through a super stylish book called Fantastic Footballers and it really excited him. We watched a few of the players the book mentions on YouTube and we identified a few he might be able to see on the TV when the World Cup starts.

Last week he was awake particularly early on the Sunday so we set about weaving a Russian flag using strips of paper and card. He really enjoyed doing this and it was a good way to get him thinking about the flags of other participating countries, and which might be easier to weave than others and why. He really enjoyed doing this and I’m hoping to do it again but with different materials such as wool or ribbon.

weaving russian flag for world cup 2018

Today, Daniel and I popped out to do some jobs and have a bit of one to one time as we were both feeling a bit under the weather. We stopped in a local cafe and whilst having his milkshake he had a read of two other football books, Top of the League which is packed full of facts and trivia and takes you through the history of football as well as recounting some of the great clubs, managers and players. We also looked at 50 Things you should know about Football which really captured his imagination, especially the section all about the World Cup.

I was also really excited this week to see that Activity Village had published some World Cup activities and we quickly set about doing the map activity. This is a great little printable as it lists the 32 teams that are taking part and you locate them on the map and colour them in. We had fun doing this and it was interesting to see which countries they children could locate – and was a healthy refresher for me on where some of the countries were.

There are lots of things you can do with this map and I think we might do it again but identify those countries that are in each continent to get them thinking about that concept, as well as which countries are located in the northern and southern hemispheres (and then, in turn, see which hemisphere fares the best at the tournament). I might also do a similar exercise to mark the countries that have hosted the World Cup, and then another to show the countries that have won it.

As well as supporting England, we are going to choose another country each to follow in the tournament, an early favourire to support is Argentina so I think we might do some quick facts on Argentina and perhaps make up a project board if we get chance.

Are you preparing for the World Cup and if so, how? We can’t wait for it to begin!


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  1. 28th May 2018 / 08:08

    We loved our activities and learning about the World Cup Fromm Brazil 2014 and can’t wait for our Russia 2018 activities. Thomas is supporting Argentina too because Messi plays for them! Looking forward to seeing your activities, I love your woven flags, such a great idea! Xx

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